How Often Should I Expand my Keyword Phrase Targets?

Your keyword phrase targets are central to increasing the odds of a potential visitor finding one of your website pages in their search results. If your keywords are common terms with a large frequency of searches occurring, your website is likely not benefitting from your choice of keywords and getting lost in the crowd. It’s more productive to choose select keyword phrases targets, such as relevant long tail keywords, that narrow each of your website pages’ focus to increase website rankings and, thus, traffic.

Updating Your Keyword Phrase Targets

Once you have chosen your keyword phrase targets, you may find yourself wondering how long you should wait before reassessing each page to determine if it’s time to expand your keyword phrase targets. It’s advisable to wait at least a month to allow for more visitors, which allow enough time to yield a larger amount of data for examination. Even if your website has had only two visitors in the last month, the search terms that led them to your website is useful in both deciding whether to expand your keyword phrase targets and what those new keyword phrases should be.

Online Asset Management

You may be wondering how you can find out what search terms led visitors to your website. First, you need to determine how your website and its pages are ranking to understand where you are and where you want to be. If your website’s ranking is leaving something to be desired, there are many useful changes you or your online asset management company can make to increase your website rankings, such as staying abreast of updating your keyword phrase targets to cater more closely to your visitors’ searches. After researching your website’s ranking, you will need to run website analytics that can provide you with an abundance of information, including traffic data.

If you aren’t sure where to begin or what tools to use, contact us today for more information about how the experts of 51Blocks can optimize your website pages based on your website’s analytics and the visitors you hope to attract!


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