How Often Should You Be Analyzing Your SEO Stats?

Real-Time Data Isn’t the Answer

How do you know that your SEO campaign is a success? Measuring your SEO data can be tricky and confusing. It can be easy to focus on real-time data, but real-time data doesn’t always generate long-term value. In other words, what may be useful to increase your website’s traffic at one moment may not necessarily translate into longevity or sales.

Real-time SEO data can help us identify immediate pockets of demand related to your business. For example, a 2019 measles outbreak in Washington state could result in increased exposure and, subsequently, sales for pharmacies. However, when this trend ended and the related keywords became less important, the sales once again reduced.

Real-time data alone cannot give us a complete picture of your site’s reach, longevity, or effectiveness. A well-crafted SEO strategy does not simply rely on real-time SEO data; it also makes long-term trends a priority in creating a long-lasting impact. In this article, I will demonstrate the importance of long-term data and conversion increases to growing your online business and producing sales.

Long-Term Data can Help!

Long-term SEO data simply means factors that have an effect on SEO over the long-term. This could include strategies like link-building or HTTPS implementation. Moreover, long-term SEO data tells us how people interact with your site over a longer period of time as a result of these factors. 

It is estimated that 70% of users will visit your website and never come back. That number can be disheartening. However, focusing on long-term strategies can help reduce this number. Some of these strategies include building your brand’s online reputation. In order to build your reputation, you need to spend time increasing your authority as an expert. Moreover, you need to produce authentic content with a focus on your reputation. You could employ press releases and social media pages. Moreover, interaction is key; having meaningful interaction with your users produces brand loyalty and a positive brand image.

Yes, this is a slower approach that requires more skill, but the longer you stick to the strategy, the better staying power you will have. This approach focuses on the three important goals: growing your company, bolstering your brand, and creating loyal users. Though this approach maybe a little less satisfying than the immediacy of click rates, it will ultimately produce better results.

Organic Traffic and Conversion Increases

Conversion rates measure the number of viewers that then become customers. With most approaches to SEO, you may be able to generate a high number of searches and clicks in a short period of time, but only a handful of these visitors may become customers.

One example of how long-term data in relation to organic traffic is useful is to look at keyword visibility. For effective SEO, you have to anticipate what the user wants and how the user will search for it. You can use keywords, specifically long-tail keywords, to organically tailor your site to people who are searching for your specific needs. Keywords are the words and phrases that help users find your website. There are two types of keywords: long-tail and short-tail.

Short-tail keywords are exactly like they sound — they’re short! They’re three or fewer words, whereas long-tail keywords are longer and more specific. While short-tail keywords produce higher traffic because they are more general, short-tail keywords also reduce in increased competition. On the other hand, long-tail keywords have more serious users; users are more interested in a specific product. Thus, they have a higher likelihood of buying your product. In addition to attracting more serious customers, long-tail keyword searches are cheaper than short-tail keywords.

By focusing on long-tail keywords, you can organically grow your customer base. Unlike real-time data, this approach will translate into cash, generating higher sales and revenue. 

If you need help with long-term SEO, 51Blocks can help you.

Businesses face huge challenges when it comes to driving conversion, and conversion rests on an almost-intuitive understanding of customers’ needs, perceptions, and wants. Long-term strategies and data help us identify what is the most effective strategy to both find and retain customers.

51Blocks has the tools and expertise to help you organically grow your customer base. We know that effective SEO is a long-term project that requires detailed attention to many facets of your online presence. We have worked with many companies around the country to create effective long-term plans that have produced real, positive results in revenue. 

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