How Popular Local Searches Have Become

Yesterday, Google’s Director of Product Management, Johanna Wright, blogged about how popular local searches have become.

While it is a no-brainer to assume that people will use Google to look for information that are more immediately relevant to them, an official confirmation of the growing popularity of local searches kind of drives home the point and underscores what 51blocks stands for.

Local businesses stand a much better chance of being in the radar of people around them, who are their prospective customers of course, if they pay more attention to getting more visibility on local searches.

These are some of the local search trends of 2011 that Johanna pointed out:

The top 10 local search terms were about local news stations and educational organizations.

  • People were using Google to connect with civic services.
  • Los Angeles residents were interested in finding out more about public transit and traffic.
  • New Yorkers, understandably, were concerned about how to get from A to B. Their top 4 search terms were related to transportation.
  • While job searches are still rampant, people also searched for fun activities, sports and ways to relax.

The message is very clear. People are searching for information on things that are more relevant, accessible and immediately available to them. Local search marketing is undoubtedly the next big thing for small businesses.

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