How to Find a Google Listing

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Hello, my name is Jesse McFarland. I’m a local search PPC and SEOspecialist at 51 Blocks. You can see us here at In this video, I will show you how to find a Google listing. This is our Google listing for 51 Blocks right here. So, there are many ways to find a Google listing. You can search in Google the name of your business or your
address. The issue with doing it this way is there are multiple companies in the U. S., or there might be multiple companies with similar or the same address, or same business name. Or, there also could be multiple businesses at the same address, so if you think of an office building. So, the best way to find your Google listing is by using a phone number. This is how Google differentiates each listing, as only one listing is allowed
to have one unique phone number. If there are multiple listings for one phone number, this would be considered a duplicate listing, which I will address in future videos.

So, let’s find a listing here. I’m going to use a client phone number here. So, this pops up. This is in Google Search, so we’re going to get Google Search listings, or not listings, but actually Google Search results. This will go to a website. This is not a Google listing. So, to see a Google listing, we need to click on ‘Maps’. So, this is an impression for this phone number here. You can see ‘Fix Auto’. To actually look at the listing, we want to click on it and click ‘More Info’. And this is the actual Google listing for ‘Fix Auto’. You can see here
some contact information, the address, the phone number, the website URL.  This is a key word, the main key word, ‘Auto Body Shop’. These are the hours for today. If you click on it, you can see Monday through Friday 8:00 through 5:30 p.m. There are also reviews. These are reviews straight from the internet, so the way Google does its reviews, it’s out of 30. Currently, they score a 28 out of 30, which is extraordinary to perfection.
Which is really good. Images are here. You can click on the images. There’s actually a Photos page where you can see them all. ‘Maps’, this will go back to the map part. This is a public transit, so you could actually see the closest bus stop. ‘Directions’, if you type in where you’re coming from, it will give you street by street directions.

And this is a kind of cool feature here, a street view. We’ll actually show you what it looks like from the street. You can zoom in on it. The cool thing about this is you can see what’s close by. There’s ‘Ten Ton’ across the street. So, pretty helpful for customers to find your business. You can make changes. If businesses no longer exist, or if the address is wrong you can report to Google from clicking on this link here. If you are the owner of the business and you want to change the way the listing looks like, you would have to claim it. So you’d want to click ‘Manage This Page’, and you’d have to get it verified. Google would either call you or send you a post card. So, basically, this sums up on how to find your Google listing. Please stay or subscribe to our YouTube channel, to just check out more videos, and I will be creating more videos for Google listings here in the near future. Thanks.

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