How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel for Website Conversions

While Google is certainly the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to the most used search engine for people looking for products and services they need, YouTube is a close second.

People of all ages use YouTube for entertainment (who doesn’t love a good cat video?) but also educational purposes.

When they are considering making an investment into a product, customers will often use YouTube to find video reviews of the company and its product or service as well as to learn more about the business itself.

This presents your company with a wonderful opportunity to improve the optimization of your website and increase conversions.

How Does YouTube Help My SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on making sure every aspect of your online presence meets and exceeds the search engines’ expectations so that you rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Both on-site and off-site techniques are used to ensure  that your website impresses search engines like Google so that they recognize your company is trustworthy and deserving of the top rankings in organic search results.

YouTube also contributes to your SERPs ranking, so it is important that your company also incorporates video content optimization into your SEO strategy. The best way to improve your SEO through YouTube is by creating and updating your company’s own YouTube channel.

This is your opportunity to speak directly to your (potential) consumers through your video content, show them why your products and services are the best option for their particular needs, and use certain optimization techniques to benefit your online presence.

When almost 70% of YouTube users are utilizing it to help them make decisions about their forthcoming purchases, there is no better opportunity to showcase your business.

How To Optimize My YouTube Channel for Conversions

Just like Google, YouTube looks for certain qualities and factors in the video content on their channels in order to provide its own ranking for the videos that display first.

YouTube has its own native search bar, so it is critical that you optimize your YouTube channel to meet the requirements of the YouTube algorithm for ranking. Among the top ranking factors YouTube uses are:

  • Watch time - how long do users watch your videos
  • Video length - how long are your videos; those which last more than 10 minutes tend to rank better
  • Number of subscribers - more subscribers generally signals a greater feeling of authority for the channel
  • User interaction - how often are users commenting, liking, subscribing, and sharing your videos

At 51Blocks, we are well aware of how YouTube ranks its video content and will work with you to ensure that your YouTube channel meets and exceeds the algorithm expectations.

We will use a variety of techniques to boost your channel’s visibility within YouTube, including:

  • Utilizing important keywords - We will place critical keywords in important areas of the video and channel to make sure they are recognized by the YouTube algorithm. Places like your channel name, your About Us page, channel keyword tags, and in the videos themselves (spoken or written in subtitles and annotations)
  • Updating your channel trailer - help your subscribers get to know you
  • Making compelling videos of substantial length - keeping people interested is key so disperse important information throughout the video to maintain their attention
  • Maximizing the first 15 seconds - you must hook your watchers within the first 15 seconds of the video to keep them watching longer
  • Reminding users how to reach your website and other social media outlets

Our team at 51Blocks has many other exceptional optimizing techniques that we can’t wait to implement on your YouTube channel!

Get Started with Our Digital Marketing Specialists

When you are looking to maximize the benefit of your YouTube channel in terms of website traffic and conversions, 51Blocks has the experience and skills to provide you with excellent YouTube SEO and get you the website conversions you need.

By optimizing the technical, content and conversion aspects of your YouTube channel, we are able to get your business showing in relevant searches on YouTube with rankings that won’t disappear after the next update.

Contact our digital marketing specialists today to learn how YouTube can boost your visibility in the SERPs and bring more organic traffic to your website!

And don’t forget to ask about all of our white label SEO opportunities and pricing!

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