How to Sell White Label SEO Without Being a Marketer

How to Sell White Label SEO Without Being a Marketer

Offering SEO services can dramatically increase lead generation for your agency. But do you have the budget to set up an in-house team? Do you have the time to learn a new discipline? Good news: you don’t have to.

Even without an in-house search optimization, you can outsource to a white label SEO provider and offer this service to your clients. You don’t need to explain the technical details of search optimization – anyone with a sales background can successfully sell white label SEO services.

All you need to do is to understand what your client wants and why they want it. Here’s how.

5 Tips To Help You Sell White Label SEO Without Being a Marketer

Below are tips to help you sell white label SEO services and grow your agency without being an expert in the subject or even a marketer.

1. Identify Clients That Could Benefit From SEO

When you want to establish yourself in a market where you are not an expert, you first should look for clients. Some companies do not understand search engine optimization or the impact it could bring to their business. 

As a white label SEO seller, you should look for such companies and identify how you can help them gain traffic to their page and grow their business. Presenting yourself will make the client trust you and give you a chance to show what you can do.

Whether a client knows about SEO or not is not a factor. The fact that they are not using any digital marketing on their page should be an opportunity to market it to them. Once they have bought into the idea, you need to give them value to keep them returning for more.

2. Understand Your Client and Their Business

SEO only works when you know the audience your client is targeting based on their business type. Therefore, the first order of business, even before you talk to the client, is to understand their business.

Understand their product or service and also their way of doing things. That will help you when you are pitching your idea to them. Having all the necessary information about your target client’s business will score some points when requesting work.

Additionally, all the information you collect will help you develop the best search engine optimization techniques to help your client’s business grow. Research the client and the business to present your pitch from a point of knowledge.

3. Share Your Ideas With the Client

Once you have researched and understood how the client’s business works, it is time to pitch your idea to the client. This is where you prove to the client that you understand their goals and have a plan to help achieve them; this is the #1 thing they want to know.

You want to ensure that you impress the client by having all the necessary data and information about the business and how to incorporate SEO. If you have worked with the client before, this step will be much easier than if you have not.

You should be ready for all the questions thrown at you because the client needs to understand why they should pay for these services. This doesn’t mean you need to explain how SEO works in-depth. You should focus on what it achieves. If you’re worried about this part, you can speak to your white label SEO provider and find out how to answer common questions.

Offer value to the client and demonstrate how your services will benefit their business – not the technical details.

4. Focus on Warm Leads

A warm lead could be a referral or a client who has shown interest in SEO. That client already knows a bit about SEO and might know the value it will bring to their business. In such a case, telling them about SEO is not the selling point.

You need to convince the client why they should choose your agency for the SEO services. This is the best and easiest way to get your name out there, especially when you are not an expert.

Give the client a reason to trust and want to work with you on growing their website with SEO tools. Offer them something that the competition is not offering. It could be a better price or more services than your competition. 

If you get it right with that client, you might not have to work hard for the next one because the client might refer other clients to you.

5. Include SEO as an Add-on to Other Services

Another way to make sales in white label SEO services is to include it as an add-on service. This will work for clients who would benefit from SEO but have not yet incorporated it into their page.

You have already established a relationship with such clients through other services like web development, marketing, or any other service. It should be easy to sell SEO to them because they already trust your agency. All you have to do now is convince them of the importance of having SEO on their page.

If you have already identified an opportunity, follow it by explaining the value of SEO to the client. In most cases, the client will not mind paying a little more to optimize their website for success. They’ll appreciate you more for helping them expand their business reach.

Contact 51Blocks for White Label SEO Services

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