How To Stay Empowered During Isolation & Social Distancing


Like most of you, we've been reading the news about the spread of Coronavirus and have received a number of emails from services and companies we work with. It is an uncertain and trying time for our nation’s economy which will likely impact your business or the one next door to some degree. As a reminder, we’re all in this together.

As a remote team, we still feel empowered to support our partners and clients who are not accustomed to the daily work from home grind. Below are our helpful tips for adjusting from an office to home environment for business while some are experiencing isolation or social distancing.

  • Stay Routine - Nothing kills productivity more than throwing off your usual routine. Keep the same one you’ve always had. Wake up, get ready, eat breakfast, and settle in at the same time you do at the office. Drink water and take plenty of 5 min walk breaks as well to reduce tension. This will help you stay focused during this unavoidable stressful time. Don’t forget to also unplug at the usual time. Balance is key!
  • Limit Social Media - Social distancing shouldn’t just be in person. Social media is a changing landscape by the hour with new updates and while we feel it’s best to stay informed, it can also increase anxiety which won’t help you stay focused. Social check-ins for 15 minutes every few hours will keep the media at a healthy virtual social distance.
  • Video Conference over Emails - Interacting with your coworkers is one of the best things about working in an office. Don’t lose this face time! While it might be easier to just send an email, check in with your team and clients via video as a group or one-on-one to stay connected while you conduct business. As a virtual agency, we have found this helps bridge the gap for our basic human need to socialize while we may be isolated in our homes. Here are some of our favorite tools for enhancing virtual communication.
    • Zoom or Google Hangouts - both have free options and are simple to use.
    • Loom - No time to meet together on a video call? Use loom to send responses and still engage like you would video conferencing or just as a way to send a quick video check-in with someone.


What Does COVID-19 Mean for marketing?

It means there’s an opportunity to grow and invest while gaps begin to form in the market. This is a chance to strengthen your offer knowing that when this passes (and it will), there will be an opportunity to advance in the market because larger competitors are likely reducing their marketing dollars by quite a bit right now. Moral of the story, don’t think of this as a detriment to your marketing plan, think of it as a new opportunity to refocus and position yourself.

There are as many opinions about how to handle this as there are people in the world. No one has a playbook here so let's continue to stand together, supporting the health and well being of our teammates, customers, partners, vendors, etc. and do our best to be part of the overall solution and not part of the problem.

51Blocks is still fully operating to support clients and partners as we wade through this unknown territory together. Supporting each other in a positive, uplifting manner is the path through this and to our continued success.

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