If Google Doesn't Look at Analytics Data, How Do I Optimize My Site?

SEO strategies are based on Google’s algorithm and useful ways to get noticed. Business owners use Google Analytics Data to decide how their website is fairing in the world of SEO. Google leaders say this is not the correct path to take and give insight into what you should be doing in terms of site optimization and SEO. So, now you are wondering, If Google's algorithm does not look at Google Analytics data, how should I optimize my site?

Learning From the Leaders

For years Google leaders have said that the Google algorithms on ranking are not influenced by Google Analytics data. Many have been skeptical, but maybe it is time that more website owners take note. These same leaders have given a set guideline as to what the algorithms are looking for and how to optimize your SEO ranking by using proper SEO channels. These guidelines include things like value provided, authoritative content, and technical factors. SEO can be achieved by going back to SEO basics and giving the search engines what they are looking for; content that provides value to the viewer.

Google’s John Mueller and Gary Ilyes have given many insights into what the algorithm is looking for and how to make sure you rank well on Google. Their tips include things like mobile optimization, internal links that provide backup for your content, knowledgeable content that gives value to the viewer, click depth (the number of clicks it takes to get to a particular page), making sure your content is relevant to your and or topic, among many other tips. The entire package you offer your viewers should be easy to view, understand, and most importantly, provide value to your audience.

Understanding What Search Engines are Looking For

So what are the search engines looking for and how do you get that onto your website? You need to follow the search quality guidelines that the leaders say the algorithm follows. Websites should be using organic search engine optimization (Organic SEO) to improve their ranking with the top search engines, thus drawing more traffic to their website.

What is Organic SEO you are asking? Organic SEO is the basics that were discussed above. Utilizing authoritative content and including keywords that are relevant to your topic and page will help you rank higher and up your SEO advantage. Authoritative content means that you provide a unique topic and explain it to your viewer in a way that is easily understood and beneficial at the same time. Here is where the value to your audience comes in.  

You also want to avoid the bad habits that can lower your rankings as well. These habits include things like keyword stuffing, improper use of short-tail keywords, backlink spamming, pages that provide no value to your audience, and links that lead customers to something other than what they were looking for. Including these items in your content can cause your ranking with the search engines to fall drastically and can even put you on the list of spam sites.

Bringing it all Together

So how do you put all of these tips together to make a website that will get noticed by the search engines for the right reasons? The key to this process is to follow the SEO practices that are tried and true. You need to create great content that provides value. Do some research (better yet a lot of research) into who your audience will be and what they are looking for. Make sure that every piece of content on your website is tailored around this purpose. From your homepage to your sales page, you want there to be a valuable takeaway for your viewers.

Building on this Advice

Finally, while you are focusing on your SEO content, you want to make sure that you pay attention to the technical factors of your website as well. Technical SEO is an often overlooked part of the SEO strategy and shouldn’t be. Technical SEO refers to many aspects of your website and content. It includes the layout, links, mobile friendliness, website speed, size of your visual elements, load time, and much more. All of these aspects make up an essential part of your SEO. Individually you may think certain pieces do not hold great value. However, each of these aspects plays on the next and thus can change your overall ranking in the algorithms that matter.

The key to higher rankings with search engines is providing an excellent overall experience for your audience that includes valuable content that is provided in an easy to understand format. Keeping with the basics of SEO will help you to optimize your website and provide you with the tools to rank higher with the search engines that bring you more potential customers.

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