The Importance of Image Alt Tags

Alt tags, or alt text, is the descriptive data included with website images. Alt tags allow visitors to know what will appear before an image is displayed.

Years ago, not all computers were able to display images, so alt tags were invented. Rather than use an image, web designers included some type of defining text. This would allow visitors to understand the message behind the image.

Most computers can now display images, so alt tags have a whole new meaning. Now alt tags can boost a page’s optimization within the search engines. These images can be enriched by placing keywords for HTML ranking. An alt tag can be seen by hovering over an image, and then seeing the text in the pop up box.

Alt images are also found when users type in keywords along with “view images only.” From the images pages, the alt tag can then link users to your site. Alt tags can even be used to link to other pages within your website. This is called internal linking. Search engines love internal linking, so they will reward you with higher rankings.

Alt tags are also vital for visually impaired people. Alt tags allow the visually impaired person to actually experience the images on your web page, by understanding what is there. This also adds additional traffic to your site.

Search engines can only read text, so, if no text appears with your images, those images might as well not be there. On the other hand, when alt tags are added to your images, search engines will read them. The relevancy of your alt image text, in relation to the rest of the content on your page, will be determined by the search engine and possibly receive a higher ranking. This is why keywords are so important, even in alt tags.

When creating alt tags for your images, make sure to only use one tag per picture. Any more than this will attract the attention of the search engines in a negative way because it is considered keyword stuffing.

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