Is My Website Too Big?

Determining whether your website is too big can be a tricky task that is best left to an online asset management company. To attempt this evaluation on your own, you must consider the complex interplay of what your pages contain, how they are linked to other pages, and the size of your competitors’ websites. In order to begin this process, there are 4 general questions that can assist you with constructing a cursory assessment as to whether your website is too big.

 Understanding the Impact of Website Size

Do your pages contain relevant content to your target audience’s interests? Instead of entertaining the downsizing of your website, you should first consider whether the content on your pages needs reworking based on a number of factors, including how much each page is attracting traffic and generating conversions. In order to successfully accomplish this task, you must conduct keywords and content searches to direct how a page should be revised and an in-depth website analysis.

 Should I Delete Pages on My Website?

Are there too many pages? If you feel that your website is too big, you will start to contemplate deleting pages. A clear fact that has been uncovered is that it’s better to revamp a page versus deleting it as more pages provide a greater space on which potential leads can land. However, in some exceptions to this rule, it’s better to delete a hard-to-find page that is buried by internal links or inaccessible to visitors and/or search engines. This determination should only be made after extensive forethought coupled with the understanding that if the page is currently ranked in search results you will need to setup a 301 redirect. A redirect is necessary to ensure that you preserve any related SEO credit and visitors will be able to navigate to your site after you change the page’s location.

 Online Asset Professionals

How many pages are there on your competitors’ websites? To accurately ascertain the size of your competitors’ websites, you will need to locate this information as counting is not an option for massive websites. Some sites have over a 1000 pages and precise numbers cannot be readily gleaned by simply clicking through the site’s pages.

Are you concerned that your website is too big or, perhaps, disorganized? Let the online asset management professionals of 51 Blocks meticulously evaluate your website from top to bottom. We are here to help you revitalize your website, so contact us today!

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