Is My Website Too Small?

Designing a website can be a tough process for the inexperienced entrepreneur. You may find that your website was launched with too few pages to attract potential leads, visitors and customers. If your competitors’ websites have a great deal more pages than your website, chances are your website is too small. The more pages you have will result in more traffic and leads, so you have match or exceed the size of your competitors’ websites. Now, here’s the good news: If your website is too small, it can be fixed.

How Can My Small Website be Fixed?

The answer is to add useful pages to your website. Theoretically, you can do this yourself, but it has to be done right or you will waste a great deal of time and money. This solution is assuming that your website has the capability to add pages. If so, you may be tempted to start tossing out content with little regard to the detrimental impact that certain elements can have on your site, such as: shoddy content; ugly URLs; ineffective title tags; absence of internal links; etc. To create meaningful pages for your visitors to hold in high esteem and search engines to appropriately rank, you must pay close attention to various SEO strategies that ensure your pages benefit your site and not stagnate or detract from it.

Creating Relevant Content

To create relevant and compelling content, you must first understand the interests of your target audience and what searches they are conducting, which translates into the beginning of following effective SEO practices. Being armed with this consumer information will allow you to tackle the following tasks: find and choose keywords and content on which to base the page; formulate suitable titles and subtitles for the content; employ appropriate title tags for the URL that are clear and concise; and insert effective internal links into the pages that lead to other destinations within your website. Those are but a few of the tips to follow when you are undertaking the assignment of adding worthy pages to your site.

If you concerned that you may not be able to address the fact that your website is too small on your own, 51 Blocks can fix it for you. Don’t another precious day slip when our team of experts can be revamping your website -- contact us today!


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