Is Onsite Chat Right for Your Service-Based Business?

Owning and operating a business generally means that you will be offering goods or services to customers in the hopes of making a profitable return on investment. Even if your goods or services are top-notch, you still need to interact with your customers and convince them that your company has the best to offer to meet their needs. While face-to-face customer service interactions are always great, potential clients may first find you online and visit your site. One way to help persuade them that they need not look any further and to improve your CRO (conversion rate optimization) is through onsite chat.

What Are Onsite Chats?

When a potential client lands on your website, you want to show them that providing for their needs through excellent customer service is your top priority. That is where onsite chat or a digital helpdesk can play a part. After an assigned period of time looking through your website, your potential customer will be greeted by a chat bot asking if he or she is in need of any assistance or has any questions. If the client has a question, he or she simply needs to type it into the chat window, hit enter, and wait a moment for a real-time response from a live human being at your company. 

Imagine a customer walking into a boutique or other small business and simply wandering around aimlessly without any interaction from the employees or business owner. If that client has a question or would like to purchase something, it would be impossible. The customer would likely leave and visit a business with interactive employees who show they care about the client’s patronage. A visitor to a website is no different. With the digital helpdesk, you show your potential clients that you care about customer service. A clear chat marketing strategy is proven to increase conversion and lead quality for service-based businesses.

In addition to the gains to your customers and your CRO, onsite chats have financial benefits. The live chat operators can talk to multiple clients at once since it is all digital rather than a phone conversation, so the opportunity for multi-tasking will not slow your business. Likewise, you will not have to invest in a toll-free phone number or other expensive equipment. On both sides of the business coin, onsite chat is beneficial for all involved.

How Do Customers Interact with Onsite Chats?

Rather than wait for customers to send you an email inquiry or call your business, chat bots can help you interact with potential clients quickly. When it comes to customer service, you always want your clients to expel the least amount of effort but receive the most return. Many people don’t want to call a business and follow complicated numeric directions, nor do they want to fill out an email form to be submitted and hopefully returned. Immediate human interaction without the stress of a phone call with a stranger will make your customer feel comfortable with your business. They will have confidence in your business and help you improve your CRO. By integrating chat marketing into your website, you can make a great first impression with your customers. 

Depending on the service you offer, customers may need your service as soon as possible so they won’t want to wait for a returned email 24-48 hours after their request to get a quote or learn more about the way your business works. In that time, the potential client will have moved on and, probably, forgotten about that email. They might even visit a competitor who might give an immediate response, taking business and money out of your pocket. With the digital helpdesk, you can answer their questions, give them a quote, provide the best possible customer service you can, and turn them from a potential to an actual client. Onsite chat will prevent a site visitor from leaving your page without a conversion.

Why Onsite Chats Work Great for Service-Based Businesses

When customers are looking for a business to provide them with a specific service, they will have many questions. Asking for a quote, inquiring about your experience, and wondering what separates you from your competition are only some of the potential questions that may arise. Although this information could be communicated via email, the response rate is simply too slow. Customers want answers now so they can make a clear, informed decision without having to wait very long. With a solid chat marketing feature integrated into your website, your customers won’t have to wait. They can talk to you now, and you can demonstrate why your business is the best for the job.

Using onsite chat for your service-based business has been proven to increase CRO and lead quality and customers will benefit from the excellent customer service you provide. At 51Blocks, we use a digital helpdesk to benefit our clients and can show you how onsite chat (in addition to many other SEO services) is a positive addition to your online presence.


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