Is Website Content More About Quality Or Quantity?

The content of a website has to be relevant and valuable to the reader in order for the site to become successful. If for no other reason than Google’s strict guidelines, the quality of a website’s content is much more important than the quantity.

When Google ranks websites in its database one of the things it looks at is the information on the site. If the information is well written and relevant the website will be ranked high in the database. If the information is found to be poorly written, untrue or unethical, Google will rank it very low in their database.

A website is a representation of either an individual or a company and, as such, must properly represent the individual or company it is about.  Poorly written content will hurt a website’s credibility, which will discourage Internet users from viewing it. The quantity of the information on a website counts for nothing if that information is not useful to someone. A website with only a small amount of information will always be held in higher regards than a website with a large amount of irrelevant information.

The quality of website content reflects on the subject of the website. This includes links to other websites. The more legitimate a link on a particular site is, the more it counts for. Links to spam sites or pornographic sites reduce the legitimacy of a website overall and should be avoided at all times.

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