Keeping Your Marketing Presence Strong When Business Slows Down

No matter what industry you’re in, winter is usually a slow time for everybody’s business. After the shopping frenzy of the holiday season, consumers are in no hurry to make new purchases during the rest of the winter months. Not only that, but snow and other severe weather conditions keep shoppers from visiting brick-and-mortar stores when they’d rather stay safely at home. Just because business is slow, that doesn’t mean your internet marketing presence should also grind to a halt. Here are some tips for keeping your company visible and relevant to your target audience during the off-season.


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Revisit Your Marketing Plan

Now that the holiday rush is through, you and your marketing team have much-needed time to reassess your campaign strategies for the coming year. Take this time to set new goals and objectives, such as increased organic traffic, a reduced bounce rate, or a certain number of conversions to hit by a target date. By refining your digital marketing strategies now, you will be able to focus on the business of running your business when sales pick up again.


Try Email Segmentation

If you’ve been hearing about marketing automation and how you can send mass emails to segmented target audiences, now’s the time to try it! Familiarize yourself with one of the many available marketing automation platforms and draft a few differently-worded emails to send out to your prospect lists. Not only can this help you generate new business in an otherwise slow period, but it can also help you get the practice you need to create more elaborate automated marketing strategies that can increase your reach and broaden your range of prospective clients.


Punch Up Your Web Content

If your website is full of less-than-fresh content that is doing nothing to drive organic search engine traffic, you can use the slow season to optimize it! An SEO professional can provide the insights you need about your website, your competitors’ sites and your industry as a whole to craft a customized digital marketing strategy that utilizes engaging, relevant web content. SEO firms like 51Blocks can take a lackluster site that is doing nothing for your rankings and crank it up to 11, allowing for increased conversion rates, reduced landing page bounce rates and elevated ROI. If you’re looking for a great way to generate leads and increase traffic in the off-season, white label SEO services may be just what you need!


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