Keeping WordPress Less Cluttered

Sometimes less is more. This is certainly true when it comes to websites. Landing pages that are hard to read, contain busy graphics, and have way too much going on are not only slow to load, but can also turn a visitor off the moment they arrive. This can adversely affect your bounce rate, not to mention hurt your feelings. If any of this sounds familiar, it may be time to simplify. Here are some WordPress tips for keeping your landing page minimal while maximizing your impact.


Simplify Navigation. Who doesn’t love a website that’s more like a treasure hunt, with a complicated and confusing series of steps to get to the information you need? If you said “everybody on the planet,” you are absolutely correct! People aren’t on your WordPress site to play detective- they’re there to find out about your business. Keep navigation simple so as to lead them to the answers they need without any confusion or frustration. This can be done by reducing the number of categories of services or products to choose from- narrowing it down to just a few major categories and then applying tags where appropriate can help clean up navigation and simplify your page.


Respect White Space. Are you one of those people who has to fill up every blank space with something? If you are, stop it right now. You may think your page will look boring or amateurish if you leave white space, but it can be surprisingly effective if used correctly. Make use of the white space to help organize your content into separate categories. Not only is the visual effect much more pleasant, but it can also make your content easier to read and understand.


Short and Sweet. Love a good run-on sentence? How about those 600-word paragraphs? You know who doesn’t love those things? Visitors to your WordPress site! You’re writing content for a website, not penning the great American novel- keep information down to concise, digestible bites. People are there for information, and they want to get it quickly. Making them skim a giant chunk of text may cause them to decide to look for a different company’s site out of frustration- that’s something you certainly don’t want to happen! Keep it short, and make words count by cutting right to the chase, and you’ll see a difference in how well your landing page is received.


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