How long will it take to get to the first page?

The key to any successful campaign is understanding it is a journey not a destination. While I can’t tell you exactly what day you will achieve your desired results, I can tell you that we usually see movement in 1-3 months and most of our strategies take 2-6 months to see goals come to fruition.

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Michael Borgelt
Michael Borgelt

Michael Borgelt is an accomplished entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and published author. As the founder of 51Blocks, he is passionate about showcasing the true value of digital marketing and helping businesses achieve their online goals. Michael is a member of Forbes Council and a published author of "White Label Digital Marketing: How to Effectively Scale Your Agency for Time & Financial Freedom." He has also been featured in several podcasts and news outlets, where he shared his insights on digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Michael is also a former NBA referee which fueled his passion to work hard and achieve your dreams.

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