Have you seen a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and law firm website marketing? Are you wondering whether this is something you should invest in for your firm? With the new decade beginning, now is the best time to make changes to your business.

Here at 51Blocks, we are an SEO company that can help you with everything from link building to technical SEO, so let's take a look at SEO for attorneys and why this can be beneficial for you.

Why Does My Law Firm Need a Website and SEO?

If you aren't online, you may be wondering if you should start this transition onto the internet. Does it really matter? The answer is yes. Having a website is a necessity for the 21st century. People don't window shop anymore. They go online to Google search what they're looking for. When it comes to finding a lawyer, it's the same.

When it comes to a law firm, clients are using a Google search to find the website for a company they trust. They want someone to fight in their corner. They want to know they can rely and depend on your expertise to sort out their legal issues.

Websites are the best way to share your expertise and experience online with new clients. For example, your 'about us' page can share the years of experience you have, the practice areas you specialize in, and how many cases you've won. You can even share your own personal details to your audience to make it more relatable. It's a way to connect with clients looking for a local attorney online. Each service page on your site, then, details your specific legal practice areas. Everything you want clients to know about you should be on your website.

Having a website and using SEO services for lawyers is going to help you build a unique brand of service. We all know that the law industry is a busy and crowded market. There are a lot of other firms out there offering similar legal services. We know that you're different, and you need to show everybody else! Create your brand and make yourself stand out.

  • What are your specialties?
  • What makes you different from your competitors?
  • What can you offer your clients that nobody else can?

These questions should have obvious answers if you've built a successful brand. On your site, you can educate your audience, create a legal image, and build the trust customers are looking for.

Ultimately, your site is a powerful and consistent way to market yourself. You can reach a wider audience than you ever could marketing on the streets or door-to-door. Internet marketing and successful search engine optimization for law firms let potential clients discover you and see you as a reliable attorney in their area. With the right SEO for lawyers strategy, you can build credibility and get contacted by more visitors to your website.

Of course, to make all this happen, you've got to have the right website and marketing strategy. In other words, you've got to use SEO services for law firms. If you're new to law firm SEO services and how to create a greater user experience on your website, 51 Blocks can assist you. We work with many legal clients, helping them to boost their rankings online through a complete Search Engine Optimization strategy.

What Exactly Is SEO for Law Firms?

Before we get into why SEO for lawyers is so important, it's necessary to understand what exactly search engine optimization is. Essentially, law firm SEO is a marketing technique that strives to increase organic website traffic . In other words, it's internet marketing that aims to attract customers to your site. All of the popular search engines use algorithms to filter how a website will show up in the organic search results. For example, they'll crawl through links and link building, analyze keyword choices and meta descriptions for each page, and look at relevant content. Search Engine Optimization helps you comply with those algorithms to help increase website traffic.

Attorney SEO involves making strategically vital changes to your webpages and site design so that search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, like it. When they like what you're doing, they allow you to actually show up in organic search results shown to potential customers. When you make adjustments on each page, they will boost the rankings of your site, and eventually, you can be in the top search results page. This is where everybody looks for products and services.

Search engines are focused on delivering the best experience for users. They want content to be relevant, helpful, and trustworthy. Thus, they crawl through each page of your law firm's website to make sure it is valuable before awarding you with a high organic search results position and hopefully increased website traffic. They adapt their algorithms frequently so they can figure out the best way to display results to users.

Many businesses assume that Search Engine Optimization and online marketing are easy. It actually takes a lot of time and research to get it right. Very few new or experienced attorneys are able to dedicate the time and resources to make SEO work. The search engine algorithms are very complex now, and it's easy to make mistakes. We recommend working with digital marketing companies for law firms like 51Blocks. We are one of the best lawyer SEO companies when it comes to results. But let's take a look at why SEO is so important for you.

Why Is Law Firm SEO Important?

Search engine optimization is important to every business, but law firm SEO is especially important in the legal industry since there's so much competition. Everyone uses the internet now to find an attorney. In fact, 96% of clients use Google to find for legal advice.

You are constantly battling to win clients and to make sure you get noticed on search engines. You need to stand out in a crowded market and rank higher than your competition. Law SEO and optimizing your site is exactly how you can do this effectively. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits of using law firm SEO for your business today.

To Actually be Found

We know that people today use the internet to find an attorney. It's a quick, easy, and reliable way to find somebody who is qualified nearby. Hardly anyone goes to the yellow pages or even pays attention to highway billboards anymore. You could say that a lot of traditional marketing techniques aren't working as well as they used to.

Just like online shopping, people who need legal advice use Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find a reliable attorney. If you don't invest your time in SEO, you won't be found. In particular, if you're relatively new in the legal field, chances are you won't be on the first page of popular search engine results. Internet users get lazy and don't scroll past the first page. You need to do something that's going to get you there.

Of course, that's where SEO for lawyers comes in. Strategies of law firm marketing companies that include SEO are normally successful because it increases the visibility of your site. Using the same SEO keyword that your customers are searching (after having conducted thorough keyword research) brings you in line with the results. It's that simple. While you don't want to overuse a keyword, having the right attorney SEO strategy is will help potential clients find you.

Target the Right Customers

Every business has its target market. In your case, it's clients looking for criminal defense or assistance with writing a will or any other legal issue you handle. You want to provide them with expert legal services they are searching for and don't want them to seek out another attorney. So, you've got to attract your targeted traffic, bring them to your site, and show them how you can help. SEO is the way to do this in the world of law.

Attorneys very often have specialized skills but they find it hard to get the word out about their expertise. Again, this is where SEO for law firms comes in. With 51Blocks, our law firm SEO experts target the right clients through specialized techniques and marketing. You want to convert traffic into clients, so we use specific SEO keywords while optimizing your website and quality legal content to attract the right traffic.

Establish Your Place in the Market

If you're new in the legal world, it can be difficult to find your feet. There's always going to be more experienced companies out there, and people turn to them first. You need something that's going to make you appear trustworthy. Of course, you can establish your place in the market using law firm SEO. You don't need years of experience, endless degrees, or multiple lawyers. You just need the right internet marketing and local SEO to be shown on the first page of a Google search.

People assume that when your law firm is high up in searches, you're the most experienced, trustworthy, and established. This makes them more likely to work with you. Who really searches past the first page on Google? The answer is hardly anyone. So, you've got to make sure you're at the top of search engine results page to be seen as number one. It's time to invest in SEO for lawyers and use Google analytics. Again, you don't have to have the best track record as an attorney. People believe you're the best because search engines are telling them you are.

Higher Conversion Rate

Spending so much time on internet marketing isn't just fun and games. It's about attracting new customers to your law firm. You're looking for results and using attorney SEO in the right way is going to help you. But you don't want them to just read your website. You also want them to take that leap and contact you after perusing your site. Ultimately, this is what lawyer SEO is going to do.

Of course, local SEO brings more visitors to your site. Once they're there, you've got to keep them there. This means quality content, online advice, and other reassuring information on each page. Creating a great user experience through SEO marketing is going to make customers more likely to contact you. So, a SEO company is going to help you attract visitors to your site and keep them there.

How to Grow Your Law Firm with Google SEO Traffic

If you're new to SEO and how it works, it can be difficult to know where to begin. To see results, you've got to take your time and learn about digital marketing and technical SEO. Of course, lawyers don't have a lot of time to do this. That's why SEO companies like 51Blocks exist. Our job is using SEO for lawyers and gaining increased organic search results. Let's take a look at popular ways you can use online marketing to your advantage.

Utilize Keywords, Not Legal Jargon

With your level of experience and training, legal jargon just comes naturally to you, but it's important to remember that most clients don't know the meaning of most legal terms. At the end of the day, that's why people look for lawyers; they need legal assistance. When it comes to blogs on your site and other website content, it is important to adjust your approach.

Instead of legal jargon, a good way to boost your search engine rankings is to use popular legal keywords on every page of your site to attract your target audience. The idea is that you include the words people are typing into search engines so that your website comes up in the search results. Thus they're likely to visit and find out more about your services.

It's important to use keywords wisely. It may sound easy to insert keywords into a few paragraphs on each page, but you've got to be careful you don't 'keyword stuff' and make your writing sound unnatural. Nobody is going to want to read this information. In addition, search engines don't like keyword stuffing, and they'll punish you for it. They see it as cheating the algorithm and not focusing on great user experience. So, using too many keywords isn't going to work. You should know the right keyword density before creating content.

You've also got to remember that there are different types of keywords that you can use. We'll give you a brief rundown of some of them:

  • Short-tail keyword –  This is a keyword made with three words or less. Just like the name suggests, they're short and snappy. They've got a big search volume, but they're competitive and can have a low conversion rate on your website compared to other types.
  • Long-tail keywords – This is going to have more than three words, and they're more specific. While they're less competitive, they do have a high conversion rate for customers knowing what they want.
  • Short-term fresh keyword – This is a word that is trending right now. Used at the right time, this can increase your organic search results of your site.
  • Long-term evergreen keyword – These keywords are relevant at any time of the year and can help your law firm. This is going to lead to consistent traffic to your website if you have authoritative content.
  • Geo-targeting keyword – If you're a small law firm and want to appear to customers in your local area, you've got to include geo-targeting keywords. Just as the name suggests, this is going to help with your page rankings in local searches.

Target Local Clients

Statistics show that people look for local lawyers online. No one wants to travel long distances, but they do want a professional who knows the local laws and regulations. They'll want to discuss legal matters one-on-one, so it is important for any good SEO campaign to focus on local search techniques.

Keyword research for important local search terms is going to be critical. You want to show on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo in your area, so you need to know what is popular for local clients and include them in your content. For example, the geo-targeting keywords 'attorneys in Los Angeles'. A person is likely to type this into a search engine if they live in Hollywood and are looking for local legal advice. Of course, when you include this phrase in your content, your law firm's website will be displayed.

Create Google My Business

Do you have a Google My Business listing? This is a free tool available for all businesses, and it can make your law firm's website easier to find and contact for customers by displaying simple details: name, location, customer reviews, and opening hours.

Statistics show that one in two people who search locally online will buy a product or use a service that same day, so you need to have a Google My Business listing to be found locally. Of course, you'll also need to optimize the listing for maximum exposure. At 51Blocks, we can help you create a strategy for your Google My Business listing to increase conversions.

Focus on User Experience

Search engines have prioritized great user experience in their algorithms, so it's something you need to focus on to move up the Google search rankings. We're talking about making your website and social media visually appealing and easy to interact with.

It starts with having a good web design. Clients don't come to your law firm website and want to spend all day there. They expect to find certain information such as your legal specialties or your phone number/email. Investing in an attractive website that's easy to navigate is key to keeping your clients on your page. You should include bold images, short videos, and easy-to-read content. This will impress both search engines and clients.

You also want your website to be responsive. This means that your website can be viewed easily on different computers and devices, regardless of screen size or resolution. If you have a web design that only works on Apple Mac, it's not going to look the same on a Samsung tablet. With responsive website design, webpages are going to be flexible and adapt to any device. Customers won't stick around if your website isn't easy to view, so having a responsive website is critical.

Create Quality Content

It's no secret that quality content is going to bring organic traffic. Well-incorporated keywords on your website will help your ranking on search engines. Once you attract clients, though, you want to keep their attention, and generic content isn't going to do it. You need quality, engaging material in blog posts and services pages that people want to spend their time reading and convince them you are the legal team for their situation.

You've got to post quality content consistently and link it with your social media. Focus on regularly producing new information for people to read and for search engines to recognize. At 51Blocks, we find that a lot of lawyers start out very enthusiastically about creating a legal blog. However, after a few months, they lose interest and have busy work schedules which take precedent. Content is soon forgotten about.

SEO companies can help you focus on what you do best rather than stress about blogs. At 51Blocks, we specialize in law firm marketing and have an experienced team of writers to create blog posts, service pages, and everything in between. Our focus is driving traffic, landing more conversions, and climbing the search rankings. We have the time and strategy to help you gain visibility.

Boosting SEO for Law Firms

What makes 51Blocks different than other SEO companies? It's our SEO strategy: we take a unique approach to law firm marketing for every attorney because everyone's needs and goals are different. We take the time to get to know your law firm to better understand your needs.

Here are a few of our marketing strategies that apply to our SEO services:

Keyword Quality Over Quantity

We take our keyword strategy very seriously. This means creating quality webpages and blog posts without stuffing them with keywords. Stuffing just doesn't work anymore. Search engines know that overusing keywords doesn't make your content good and tricks the algorithm.

We carry out extensive research to find the best keywords for your law firm, work out how many times to use them, and ensure the content is effective. We believe in quality over quantity to get the best marketing results for your business.

Creating Engaging, Relevant Content

Anybody can write a blog post or create a webpage. They throw in a few keywords, spin articles that are already online, and publish it as their own. While this may seem quick and easy, it's not sustainable, and it's not helpful for your customers, especially for legal services. Law firm marketing isn't easy, so it's best to speak to experts like us.

We specialize in creating valuable content that offers your audience something meaningful. Let's start with a blog. You can provide consistent and regular content that's going to help your clients make decisions while also building your brand, showing your expertise, and attracting clients. Video content can be used to as well to stand out from your competitors. We will also link your blog to your social media platforms for maximum exposure.


Of course, quality content is crucial for attracting potential clients and having SEO success. You've also got to be consistent with your approach. You can't post one blog every six months and expect to dramatically increase your traffic. You've got to post weekly to see more visitors coming to your websites. Internet users are looking for fresh, unique content on a regular basis.

We Monitor and Test Your Website

It's not enough to make one-off changes to your website or social media pages and assume they're going to increase your traffic. You've got to test your marketing to make sure they're delivering the desired results. We monitor and test your webpages to ensure they are the best they can be. This includes keywords, links, and content as well as tools such as Google Analytics to analyze traffic.

Law firm marketing can be complicated, and we constantly analyze how updates are performing. If we see that our marketing strategy is working, we can implement changes. Or we try something new if Google Analytics does not show a steady increase in traffic.

Analyze Competitors

It's always a good idea to see what your competitors are doing (keywords, link building, blog content, web design). If their SEO is successful, we may be able to learn from that success and implement something similar for your SEO. Of course, we never copy competitor links, social media, or content. We are only gaining insight on your competition and the best optimization and marketing strategies to use for you.

Work on Link Building

Increasing your link profile will help your visibility and can boost your rankings, but only if they're high-quality links from secure websites. At 51Blocks, we focus on building your link profile in a gradual and sustainable way by reaching out to trustworthy and popular websites to link with your law firm. We don't include unlimited links because it's more important to find genuine ones to benefit your business. Link building can take time, but we do it right.

What Does SEO Service Cost?

Law firms that are new to SEO won't know what to expect when it comes to prices. You'll find that companies throw around a lot of different figures. Some will quote high prices for what seems like professional SEO, but good SEO doesn't have to cost a fortune. It's about the strategy. On the other hand, some companies that offer a "too good to be true" cheap deal, and it definitely will be too good to be true. You may spend less, but you won't get the SEO service you deserve or the boost in rankings you want.

A law firm can expect costs for SEO services to be around $2,000 to $10,000 per month. In most competitive sectors, such as personal injury and DUI, you may pay more than $10,000 each month. It's always best to shop around and consider your options carefully. Try to find packages that are going to offer you the most for your money.

There are going to be several elements that affect the price of your SEO, including:

  • Area of practice
  • Law firm size
  • SEO package

Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term solution. Companies offering a quick-fix and a sudden jump in ranking may get you the exposure you want, but you won't be able to maintain it. Think about SEO as a worthwhile investment for your law firm.

Trust 51Blocks with Your SEO

At 51Blocks, we offer professional SEO services that can boost your rankings and online visibility. We specialize in legal SEO by offering law firms the opportunity to increase conversions and enjoy leads. With our years of experience and training, we have become a trusted SEO company. Our approach is personalized to every client, and we make sure that our strategy is adapted to suit your needs. Whether you want to increase your social media following, work on link building, improve your content, revamp or design a new website, or anything in between, we can assist you. Some of the elements included in our SEO services are:

  • Designing optimized webpages
  • Creating quality and SEO-friendly blogs
  • Increasing your link profile with quality links

When you contact us today, we can carry out an audit for your law firm's current website which allows us to demonstrate what strategy we believe will deliver the results to want for your company. Contact us to speak to a member of our team and find out more!