Local Search Does Not End With Google Places

All too often, our local search optimization efforts are concentrated just on Google Places. Google indeed is the giant when it comes to search engine marketing, local or otherwise, but you must remember that there are other avenues too which can give you significant local visibility if you put in some work.


As you know, the more the number of citations that you can get from trusted sources, the better your credibility with Google. So, as you focus on local search in other directories and search engines, not only do you get more search visibility, but it also helps augment your Google rankings too. Also, it is always good to have your traffic coming in from various sources rather than from just Google. Even if your Google rankings slip for some reason, while you work on getting your spot back, you do not have to stress yourself out because you will not lose all your traffic in one go.


Here are some options for local search you may not have given much thought:


People spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook and they also conduct searches via the search box. Facebook displays Pages also in their search results, so if you have a Facebook Page, there is a high chance that it can pop up in a search result.

In 2010, Facebook also introduced its Places option which allows users to announce their location. Businesses can do the same by updating the profile with all relevant information. If a user searches for a business in a particular location, your Page will appear on the search results provided you have updated your location.


Twitter has a search option which can search by location. Update your business location in your Twitter profile and also enable “tweet location” which will display the location when you tweet. Whenever someone searches for a keyword or location, they get a list of the latest tweets, so tweet about your product often. Of course this does not mean that you spam your regular followers, just ensure that you tweet something relevant and related to your product every so often.


LinkedIn is the better choice for B2B service providers and professionals. LinkedIn allows you to set up a company page and also provides an option for your current and former employees to associate themselves to the page.

Update your LinkedIn page with location information. LinkedIn search allows users to filter results based on location.


Pinterest is a great network to get the attention of customers if you are in a business that provides services that would look good if represented as photographs. For example, if you run a bakery, provide wedding photography services, sell garments or jewelry, or have a home décor store, Pinterest is something you must not ignore.

Include keywords and location info in each of your pins and boards.




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