Microsites for Online Marketing

A microsite is a mini website which is almost like a landing page, but not quite.


Here is how it works.


You have a main website which is your primary online presence; this is the website URL on your business card. Then you build several microsites which are usually just a page and have keyword-rich domain names. A typical microsite will have content which focuses on just one thing – generating more leads for the month’s marketing campaign, for example.


The main idea behind building a microsite is that it will create more keyword-enriched, searchable content, which are easily discoverable via organic search and will act as a sort of landing page to your main website.


Here are some of the benefits of a microsite:


Sharp content

Microsites can be used to deliver sharp content which hits the nail on the head. Since the space is limited, only key points are placed on the microsite. There is no rambling content which may put off visitors.


Clear call to action

Since the microsite is not usually cluttered with unnecessary information, call to action can be displayed prominently. And if they want more in-depth information, you can always guide them to your website with the help of a strategically placed backlink.


Effective segmentation of audience

Microsites are useful to target select markets within your customer base. Build a microsite to promote a new offer or a niche product that only a small segment of the market will be interested in.


Microsites definitely have its place in your overall online marketing strategy.


Have you built microsites for your business? How was your experience?


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Michael Borgelt
Michael Borgelt

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