Minor Update to Google Places Verification

Today we noticed a minor update in the verification process for Google Places pages. They have now added a map overlay to the welcome screen when you create a new Google Places account and verify your first listing.

You can  search for your business information much like you would in a Google Maps search. Look up your business by the name, address, or phone number. This new map overlay also makes it easier to immediately identify duplicate listings for your business.

Once you select the listing that you want to manage, you are presented with the option of verifying your listing by phone or by postcard.

Once you verify your listing, or send a postcard, you are brought to the Google Places dashboard, which does not seem to have any recent changes.

This is another clear sign that Google is constantly updating their local system. They seem to continuously roll out changes to create a more consistent and manageable dashboard that works better with Google + and other Google Products.

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