New Features For A Better G+ Experience

It is still early days for G+ and Google is continuing to add to its functionality and appeal through a “seamless social experience.” More than 170 million people have updated to G+.  Google has now introduced a version of G+ which is highly functional and more flexible than ever before.


Here are some of the new features that were introduced to make Google simpler, yet more beautiful.



Navigation ribbon changes


The earlier G+ had static icons at the top, but now you have a row of dynamic icons on the left ribbon panel which you can move around as you like. Hovering over an icon will give you a pop up box with a set of actions you can choose from. You can rearrange the order in which the icons appear on the panel. So, if for instance you frequently use Photos and Hangout and you want those icons to be at the top, you can now drag them to the desired spot. Moreover, if you think your ribbon is cluttered with a lot of apps, you can always move them out of the way by dragging them to the lower part of the panel.


With these new features, you can work around your favorites and hone your preferences over time to create a customized G+ experience. The left ribbon panel is also flexible enough to provide adequate space for the next big feature.


Make sharing more evocative


Google is aiming high with this one, to make sharing more evocative. They are planning to accomplish this by making it easier than before to share anything from anywhere with those in your Circles.


Some of the features that Google has introduced include posting bigger photos and videos, conversation cards that you can quickly scan to decide whether you want to join a conversation or not, and an activity drawer which tells you which community is active around content that you like.


Hangout changes


Of course Hangout is not left out; a slew of features have been introduced here. Some of them include a dynamically updated invite list from those in your Circles, quicker access to public hangouts, and a rotating billboard of popular hangouts to choose from.


Here is an overview of all the new G+ features if you want to learn more.


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