No One Cares About Your Business. And That Will Make Your Content Awesome

Your company may be the most innovative, it may have the best service and you may be the least expensive option in your market but at the end of the day- no one really cares about any of that.

With the average person seeing between 3,000-5,000 ads per day, your marketing isn't stopping anyone in their tracks. Most people have developed a "filter" for advertising so the run of the mill tactics aren't working like they used to.

People see magnet words and value added propositions as no more than clickbait.

Making matters worse, social platform targeting puts solutions to user's problems right in their lap.2016-09-09_14-34-04

This is why no one cares about your business: they are inundated with ads 24/7 and users are having to search for their needs a lot less.

How will this improve your content?

Thinking in this manner will (hopefully) put the final nail in the coffin for your feature-based pitches and start showing them how you will change their lives!


Are you a dentist? Tell them how minimally invasive your treatments are. Managing an SEO agency? Make sure you mention how much you increased your client's ROI.

The point is that if you aren't clearly illustrating how your product/service will make a prospect's life better then you probably aren't reeling in the fish like you could be.

So let's all agree to stop telling people how long we've been in business and start using title tags, blogs and social posts to communicate our benefits to potential customers!


Reggie Sudduth II - A Caring Conversion Consultant

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