November Monthly Recap

Updates as we move into the new year

Quite a few things have happened this fall in the SEO world. With Google’s release of Hummingbird, it has local and SEO experts questioning the direction that Google is pulling for as the new year rolls around. There are few things 51 Blocks is doing to make a shift for this transition in the coming months.

Content marketing practices are still prime

51 Blocks is still very much involved in creating unique and robust content for our internet marketing practices. Why is content still important? For a number of reasons, Google is looking at companies that have content that does the following:

  • Engages Readers
  • Relays information that is helpful to targeted audience
  • Continually refreshes audience with new, up-to-date information
  • Content that is connected and engaged with social media sharing

As we move into 2014, objectives and information learned in 2013 are still completely relevant, and we would even go as far as to say that they will be more important and critical when approach internet marketing strategies.

What about social media?

It’s now widely accepted that getting involved in social media is a great way to grow an online presence. While Facebook and Twitter have been huge sources for social media sharing, new updates with other smaller sites, such as Pinterest are starting to gain more momentum. But more of Pinterest updates later . . .

Google Plus is also a heavily geared medium when sharing articles to support new content. While Google+ has always been thought of as a main strategy in local search, it has made a presence for SEO tactics, as well. Establishing Google Authorship is now an essential aspect in bringing content strategies together and linking with other sources and authors in the same niche. It will also play an important role in SERPs and strengthening page authority and rank.

Social media also entails mobile devices

Smartphones are now so widely used that it seems plausible that the next updates from Google will definitely be focused on mobile sites. With the Hummingbird update, we saw Google’s attempt to include a more voice-search friendly approach to searches performed. So, mobile-optimized websites can only be helpful at this point. 51 Blocks offers some great mobile-friendly versions of websites with a “click-to-call” feature that makes it easy for potential customers to contact your business.

Blogging is also another great way to support new content and grow online presence. Blogging in general is an effective way to tell search engines that you’re continually updating your website with new, relevant information and are a company that search engine’s should support. To take it a step further, guest blogging is another great way to increase relevancy and authority of inbound links. Continue to promote your new content in this manner.

Local Search updates

We mentioned Pinterest earlier. About a week ago, Pinterest has started to incoporate new Places Pins, which is basically an interactive map for locations that people want to visit around the world. How does this relate to local search? This new update now makes Pinterest a marketing entity for local businesses that want to promote themselves across different social mediums.

The new interactive map makes it incredibly easy to search for nearby locations and businesses directly from your mobile devices. You can even get directions, as this new feature also incorporates addresses and phone numbers right on the Pin. Businesses are looking for great new ways to make this feature useful to local search practices. 51 Blocks will be implementing some of our findings in the coming months.

Another strategy 51 Blocks is learning more about is local link building. There have been useful articles and strategies pertaining to link building to sites that are heavily influenced by a local market. So, really, local link building isn’t vastly different than an SEO tactic, rather it’s a simple shift in relevance and focus. Local link building centers on location rather than a particular niche, meaning there's more value placed on actual physical location rather than specific services. Although, if there are sites that can promote both entities, it's suggested that those be tackled in local link building campaigns.

If you've recently heard about the new Google Reviews update on local listings, we have some good information on that. As Google starts to release updates, customer interaction becomes vital when approaching local search strategies. For more information on the new Google Reviews, please visit our blog post here.

For an update on 51 Block's Local Search Weather report, visit us here

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