Online Marketing - Organic, Paid and Local Search

Here is a fantastic visualization of how organic, paid and local search results fit into the online marketing efforts of a business.


Most businesses, when they set shop online, are looking for paying customers who will use their website to make a purchase decision. Of course there are other benefits of an online presence such as brand building, information dissemination etc., but the ultimate aim of any marketing effort (online or offline) is to get that paying customer walk in through the door.


With mobile searches taking off like nobody’s business, people are searching for what they want in a particular area which is closest to them and is immediately accessible. They are using their hand held devices to find out where the nearest movie is. They look for a great bar to go to right after the show.


There is indeed no denying that the economy is not local anymore, it is global. Nonetheless, local search is what will drive results for most businesses. Take a look at the visual representation again and you will see that local search is somewhat in the golden region where you possibly get maximum results from your all your resources – time, money, technical and non-technical marketing efforts.


How much of your budget are you spending on local search optimization?




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