Pinterest – A Spammer’s Delight?

Pinterest has arrived as the new social media network. Daily Dot published an interview with “Steve,” a Pinterest spammer, who confesses to spamming the site and making money of it. According to Steve, Pinterest is the easiest site to spam right now. Least effort, maximum returns, for the spammers at least.

Pinterest spam look like legit pins, but there are many duplicates and the current mega spam pins all seem to be pointed to the affiliate links of Amazon.


Spammers are using multiple accounts and bots to pin and repin images that link back to their affiliate accounts. The more the number of repins, the more popular it appears and the images that have been bot-repinned into popularity even begin to appear in the “Popular” page of Pinterest. These images are high quality and have no features that help them identify as spam. Once the images appear on the Popular page, they are repined by thousands of users again. If anybody decides to purchase an item from Amazon, the money goes to the spammer via their affiliate code.


Steve said the Pinterest opened their doors to spammers when they dropped their “Skimlinks” following some bad press around it. Skimlinks was a script that replaced any affiliate tag in an image with their own.


Pinterest may now be in the major league batting with the big boys. But they need to clean up quick. Spammers can be extraordinarily resourceful and Pinterest guys have their jobs cut out for them.



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