At 51Blocks we believe in complete transparency, and in that spirit of honesty we've provided our entire pricing structure below.

Since a lot of people in our industry offer service packages, we have created this document but to showcase all of ours! All projects at 51 Blocks are based on hours, which are tracked and recorded vigorously. You'll never hear us turn down a project because of budget, and you get maximum value for the hours you buy.

Another thing we're passionate about is making absolutely sure we're on the same page with each of our clients. We make sure expectations are set up front so you know exactly what you're getting and when you're getting it. Let say you have a $24,000 marketing budget for the year? Let's spread it out over 12 months instead of one lump payment (which is what most companies would do). We want to show you long-term value, not a lot of empty promises. While this certainly isn't how a lot of our competitors operate, we simply aren't like a lot of our competitors...

51 Blocks has shown an average client retention rate of 2.5 years, and average between 20-40% growth year over year.

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