First, let’s clear up any confusion and answer the biggest question on your mind:

What is automated lead generation and why does it matter?

If you’ve spent any time in college, I’m sure you’ve seen an actual funnel. Well, automated lead generation looks just like that! Sales funnels are a way to filter qualified leads closer and closer to the all-important sale. The top of the funnel represents the largest number of your potential customers. The bottom of the funnel on the other hand, is where your committed customers go.

The funnel process is simple enough:

First, we have our engagement stage. This is when a prospective lead first becomes aware of a solution that may fit their needs, whether that’s a product or a service.

Second, we move into our research stage. This is when the prospective lead shows interest in your solution by conducting research on the product or service.

Third, we move into the evaluation stage. This is when the prospective lead analyzes various competitors’ services or products to find the one that best fits their needs. This is paramount in the sales process, and where a business needs to stand out above the rest.

Fourth, we move into the commitment stage. It is at this point the prospective lead has made a final decision to use your product or service, and negotiations begin or a sale is finalized before payment.

Fifth, we move into the purchase stage. It is at these point a lead transitions into a sale, and money is exchanged for the goods or services provided by your business.

You’d think the process is over there, right? You have money in your coffers, and the customer has had their request for goods or services satisfied. It’s time to pop the champagne and light up those sparklers, right?


You know what’s better than a sale? A whole lot of sales. Brand loyalty and recurring purchases are the best way for a company to guarantee a revenue stream for your business. All the great Google reviews and new sales in the world can’t match the weight of loyal customers. So how do you work closed sales into your funnel?

You need to make sure you nurture your current customers with as much enthusiasm as you court new ones. They already know your name, and they trusted you enough for them to give you their money. Show them you’re still thinking about them. This can be achieved through several different tactics, including drip campaigns, re-engagement campaigns, loyalty incentives, etc.

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