Does this sound like you?

“People download resources and submit their email on my site but I rarely follow up.”

Or how about this?

“If someone submits their email address, the next step is my sales team following up.”

Email automation serves an important purpose in both of these situations. You can use data and automation to connect with, educate, and nurture your prospects. Instead of sending contacts to sales before they know who you are—or worse, ignoring new contacts altogether—you can automate your follow-up to provide valuable, helpful information to a fairly cold audience.

Personalized Automation is the Way of the Future

The old way: Pick between cold, impersonal mass emails or spending a ton of time sending individual messages.

The new way: Use technology and automation to send personalized email messages without investing the time to do so manually.

Get the best of both worlds by balancing personalization and efficiency. Send content your audience cares about without a huge time investment.


Why Do I Need to Email My Audience?


Your customers go on a journey, often represented as a funnel.

They don’t immediately jump from “submit their email address” to “purchase.” In order to take advantage of the people introduced to your brand through SEO, PPC, and other marketing, you need to follow-up with them. More often than not, they want to know you before they buy from you.


See it In Action

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