Reporting on Search Engine Marketing Services

Optimizing your website’s content for maximum search results without monitoring its success is a bit like dieting for a week and then not weighing yourself: if you don’t track stats to show how successful your efforts are, how can you possibly know if it’s working? If you have started SEO, PPC, or a Social Media campaign, knowing how to use Google Analytics to report on whether it is working is an important piece of the puzzle. More importantly, without tracking stats effectively, how do you know what is working specifically? Perhaps you have more visitors to your website overall, but they’re really just there because they want to watch this dog try to roll over. That’s great, but it doesn’t help to get you more business. You want to be sure you’re using your marketing budget wisely, in a way that gets results in the form of sales. Luckily, 51Blocks offers custom SEO reporting to give you the stats you need to know along with inventive, proven solutions on how to improve your web traffic.

Need More Data?! 51 Blocks Offers Reporting on These Digital Marketing Services:

Local SEO
Social Media
Website Design
Mobile Website Design


Google Analytics, if you’re not familiar with it, is a powerful source of data designed to help marketers that want to strengthen their strategy and reach their target demographic. The data collected with Google Analytics can be used to assess the effectiveness of the current marketing tactics as well as pinpoint changes that should be made to pursue prospective clients more successfully. Basically, it’s like a really complicated Dungeons and Dragons stat sheet, only with web stuff. If analyzed properly, data collected from Google Analytics can give business owners valuable insight into the profile of the average visitor to the site, as well as how they navigated to it in the first place. Additionally, Google Analytics collects data about which web pages your clients spend the most time on, so you can tweak your marketing strategy to encompass those sites and reach more people who may be interested in your company.

This is all well and good if you understand the ins and outs of Google Analytics and can effectively and accurately read the results and determine what your next marketing move should be. But if this all sounds way too much like homework and you’d rather concentrate on the important business of growing your company, we’re happy to have you outsource it to us. Don’t worry- we’re marketing nerds, we love this stuff!