“I want to rank #1 for _________________…”

Having your business show up first on a Google search for highly-searched keywords has become almost as coveted as landing an ad during the Super Bowl. Setting this goal for your business’ internet marketing is one thing but attaining it requires a special set of skills.

SEO has long been thought of as an industry of technical tricks and spam tactics that drive customers to certain websites. That model is long gone as a viable method to run an online marketing campaign. SEO has evolved and now is about creating engaging, sharable content that not only brings users to your site but keeps them engaged while they are on your site. As Google and other search engines become more strict with the rules about showing up in their search pages, SEO has become something that takes expertise, skill and experience to have real success.

51Blocks helps you develop a stable strategy to get your business traffic from search in the long-term. By optimizing the technical, content and conversion aspects of your site, we are able to get your business showing in relevant searches with rankings that won’t disappear after the next update.

Several online marketing companies offer glamorous results such as “first-page rankings in a month” which are not only impossible but these companies often use tricks and games that search engines haven’t caught on to yet. Don’t trust these types of companies with your online assets because rankings quickly gained often go in the same way. All too often we see businesses with great assets have them tremendously diminished by the less than ethical work of their last “SEO” firm. At 51Blocks, your business will be elevated using best practices for the long-term.


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