“I want to rank better for _________________, can you help?”

The first web property in the Google search engine result page listings (SERPs) for competitive keyword searches didn’t get there by happenstance or lucky coincidence or even by gaming the system. If that were the case, you likely wouldn’t be here, investigating the 51Blocks SEO service offerings. Unfortunately the websites that carry enough online presence and authority to, not just compete for, but ultimately vanquish every other contender in the field did so through years of purposeful enhancements to their online presence.

Today, SEO Is About Creating Value

These additions were seen as valuable by Google thanks to the variety of website visitors who repeatedly demonstrated their connection with the content by upward trending visitor engagement stats like total time spent onsite or event interactions enacted by visitors.  None of which is easy.

These days, securing coveted ranking spots for the most competitive Google search display results takes dedicated strategic work and a dash of patience. It really is that simple.

  • Step one: expand your website’s content by adding supportive material that boosts your authority within your niche.
  • Step two: maintain a quick to load, responsive presence on all devices that’s error-free and easily moves visitors from page to page, resource to resource.
  • Step three: cater to new and returning visitors uniquely, providing content particular to each audience as a means to grow visitor engagement.
  • Step four: evaluate the website conversion process while refining each pathway until visitors are flowing from A-Z just as you’d envisioned. authority to be trusted as an overall top result.

Follow Four Simple Steps and then Online Domination

Essentially yes – allowing the time necessary to become an authoritative online resource. Maybe the following run-on sentence will clear things up. Web properties that have a strangle hold on the most coveted real estate atop ultra-competitive search query results like “mortgage loans” or “diamond rings” have done so by executing a wide variety of online strategies exceptionally well, so well that collectively, these initiatives have crafted a preferred profile that Google’s algorithmic triggers have deemed the absolute-most-worthwhile-result from among all the relevant online entities that in any way might be applicable to the original search query. What they’ve done is admirable, but by no means unattainable – if you have the dedication and patience to build up your own presence. In fact, other than a few branded terms, the staff at 51Blocks believes that a website that doesn’t exist today could generate the type of presence necessary to chase a top ranking in as little as 3-4 months or in as long as 6-7 years.

The real question that must be answered breaks into 2 parts, and these are questions you must ask yourself:

1) How Committed Is Your Support For Crucial SEO Processes?

To answer this question, quantify the recurring frequency (daily/weekly/monthly?) each of the following critical SEO campaign activities is now maintaining  via the website systems already established:

  • Content Creation Program? Body copy additions to be certain, but also, videos, audio recordings, webinar broadcasts, white paper/case studies, podcasts, gallery additions, infographics, hangouts, transcripts, blog posts, visitor polls, articles, etc.
  • Real-time Activity Allotment? Targeting organic actions in support of categories like visitor engagement, brand messaging, website authority, backlink variation and 3rd party platform presence.
  • Website Expansion Schedule? How often are you posting original blog content? How often are new pages added to the primary navigation? How often will new silos debut inside the main folder structure? How much visitor created content are you cultivating? How varied are your content channels – do you have audio and video on the site? What have you done to expand your brand or authorship to platforms other than your own web properties?
  • Activity Level on Other Web Properties? Are you active on web properties other than those you own? What other core platforms are you present and active with? Do you have a brand identity or are you working any brand strategies?
  • Generating Any Online Buzz? These signals can be difficult to incite but are of the utmost importance for securing number one organic rankings on the most competitive keyword phrase terms.
  • User Experience Enhancements? What are you doing to identify disruptions that diminish visitor engagement? What solutions are you utilizing to correct these factors when identified? How often are you adding elements to your web properties specifically to enhance user/website interactions?
  • Technical Platform Support? Are your web properties all in secure sockets? What page load speeds are you achieving on your current hosting platform? Is the website distributed via a CDN? Do you have your media library correctly formatted for multiple device rendering? Are all your software programs running the most current version? Do you have an IT resource in place?
  • Will You One-up Competitors’ Efforts? In certain situations, the only variable that truly matters when forecasting the estimated resources needed to secure a specific keyword ranking result in Google’s natural search listings comes down to a standard already being maintained by a competitor in your niche. This is particularly true for elements like “online buzz” and “content addition frequency” that are primarily quantity metrics.

2) On What Timeline Must This Happen?

Many prospective clients aren’t ready to answer this question or automatically resort to the default response of “as soon as possible.”

  • We certainly appreciate the urgent needs that simmer beneath most “new business acquisition” strategies and respond to those pressures by making sure all campaign activities are pushed at a pace that is aggressive, but not so aggressive the activities themselves might trigger a penalty (or worse) from Google for violating either their terms of service or their program policies.
  • Certain elements like “subject matter authority” or “backlink domain variety” used to prioritize website hierarchy in the natural search algorithm can only be expanded incrementally in real-time units. Unfortunately, if anyone attempts to circumvent the safeguards protecting these processes, those actions are direct violations of Google’s terms and policies linked to above and will eventually result in complete deletion from the Google site index.
  • Website reputation, a crucial factor for websites chasing top results on the most competitive keywords, can only grow through the organic link support gained when other reputable sites find cause to link to your website. Buying or in any other way manipulating these signals will result in immediate and total website suppression leaving the property undiscoverable even through branded keyword search queries.
  • Rough estimates of the timeline necessary to achieve top results fall between 6 months and 3 years depending on too many variables to properly summarize here. Call our office today if you have a specific question and we’ll show you exactly what you’re up against to compete for the top slot.
  • If timelines are restricted and immediate results are required, SEO may not be the appropriate service for your situation. Fortunately Google provides an option for those who need immediate presence for keyword search queries: Pay Per Click. Unlike SEO, PPC campaign management allows anyone to buy space on the first page of any keyword query they desire. Anyone willing to outbid the rest of the competition can even lock up the very first result on the page, even above the SEO results! Costs for PPC are vary enormously depending on the targets involved; if you’re curious how about the estimated costs for your situation, call the agency and we’ll walk you through today’s pricing data on any keyword ranking target you’re considering.

I Keep Hearing That “SEO is Dead”

SEO has long been thought of as an industry rife with technical tricks and spam tactics that drive customers to certain websites or “game” a vulnerability in the Google algorithm . That model is long gone as a viable method to run an online marketing campaign. SEO has evolved and now is about creating engaging, sharable content that not only brings users to your site but keeps them engaged while they are on your site. As Google and other search engines become more strict with the rules about showing up in their search pages, SEO has become something that takes expertise, skill and experience to have real success.

51Blocks helps you develop a stable strategy to get your business traffic from search in the long-term. By optimizing the technical, content and conversion aspects of your site, we are able to get your business showing in relevant searches with rankings that won’t disappear after the next update.

Several online marketing companies offer glamorous results such as “first-page rankings in a month” which are not only impossible but these companies often use tricks and games that search engines haven’t caught on to yet. Don’t trust these types of companies with your online assets because rankings quickly gained often go in the same way. All too often we see businesses with great assets have them tremendously diminished by the less than ethical work of their last “SEO” firm. At 51Blocks, your business will be elevated using best practices for the long-term.