Is my Website Engaging and Effective?

At the end of the day this should be the goal of every website. While having a great looking site that is optimized to gain hundreds of users a day is great, you will not be able to keep users there long if your site isn’t engaging and effectively meeting your customers’ needs. At 51Blocks, we have internet marketing and web design experience so we look at every site that we build through both of these lenses. Not only does this give you a clean, professional site that runs seamlessly but it also gives your business a leg up in that every aspect of your site is designed with the user in mind.

Internet technology is rapidly advancing and many sites get left behind due to poor development and design. All 51Blocks sites are built on a platform for the future so your site will last for the long-term. Many web design and development firms are clueless when it comes to picking the right content management system. We build our sites on WordPress which allows for easy edits, optimization and theme updates to give your site a better user experience.

Sites Designed for Online Marketing

Many web designers and developers will tell you that SEO is not important until your site is finished but the reality is that your site’s development should be built around your SEO strategy. With this in mind, every site we build is set up for marketing success with no limitations as far as optimization capabilities and options.

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