Be honest- is your company’s website totally lame? If you were a consumer who happened upon the web page for your business, would you find it engaging, user-friendly and eye-catching, or would you turn and run screaming into the night? Having an appealing website that makes it easy for your customers to access your information and perform the action you want them to (read: give you money) is just as important as the very product or service you are selling.


The experts at 51Blocks have the experience and skills in website development and design to understand how to build a website that stands out from the competition while retaining simplicity and ease-of-use for consumers of all computer skill levels. We have internet marketing and web design experience, so we have a unique perspective of being able to see each site we build through both of these lenses. Our aim is to create websites that seamlessly blend functionality with design, creating a perfect marriage of effortlessness and art that seriously amps the “Wow Factor” in your consumer base.

Not only is every website designed by 51Blocks beautiful and user-friendly, but they are also extremely simple to maintain! We build our sites using WordPress, which allows for easy edits, optimization and theme updates to give your site a better user experience. As if that wasn’t enough, 51Blocks uses its expertise in SEO to design sites around your search engine marketing strategy. Every site we build is destined for marketing success based on search engine optimization capabilities and options.