SEO or PPC? SEO is an Investment for your future

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When pursuing an Internet marketing campaign to help target quality clientele, increase traffic, and drive sales both SEO and PPC are viable options.  PPC allows you to find the right type of visitor to run an advertisement on the top or side of a search whereas a well search optimized website will show up higher in a organic search result.  The most apparent advantage of a PPC campaign is that you get what you pay for right away.  You can show up on the first page of a Google search in the "ads" section within minutes of submitting your credit card information.  While you may be bringing in traffic and sales, you are absolutely going to pay for it.  Each click can cost you anywhere from 50 cents to 10 dollars.  As you can imagine, a $40/day budget can be exhausted rather quickly with a PPC campaign.


On the contrary, an SEO campaign will allow your website to have an unlimited return on your investment.  At nearly $33/day an SEO campaign gives you an unlimited earning potential with benefits that keep on producing.  While your site is not guaranteed to be showing up on the first page of Google within minutes of payment, the long term benefits of SEO are much greater than PPC.


Aside from the fact that over time you will be getting more traffic with an SEO campaign than with strictly PPC, the quality of traffic is much greater with SEO.  Psychological studies have shown that people like to be shown what they are looking for.  With Google searches built into web browers, webpages, cell phones, tablets, and even in cars, there are billions of Google searches being done all over the world.


With that being said, people can recognize advertisements now easier than ever.  There is a psychological advantage to be showing up as one of the top returns for a desired keyword as people don't want to be told what to click on rather than they want to find what they're looking for on their own.



One final advantage of SEO over PPC is the diversity of keywords that your site can be picked up for.  When SEO is done properly, there isn't a limit to the number of keywords your website can be found through.  This isn't the case with PPC as you must pay for everything that you get.


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