SEO Weekly April 12 2013

Ongoing Rumors About a Google Update

Rumors have been circulating about a possible Google update. And although there is no confirmation of an update, the number of people speaking about the possibility makes it difficult to deny.

The changes happening may be a result of Panda moving into auto pilot or they may be a result of a new update all together.

Bing Introduces Pin to Pinterest

Bing has released a new feature within its image search results called Pin to Pinterest. The images will all have the notable Pinterest con so users who are logged in to their account can immediately pin it to their wall.

As Bing continues to compete with Google it is important for them to be creative and innovative. With this new image search Pinterest feature they are giving users a reason to choose Bing over Google.

Google Offers Users a Death Clause

Google Users can now specify what should be done with their Google assets in the event of their death. If you have any assets with Google you can determine what will be done with your account after you've become inactive for a certain period of time.

The options include notifications to contacts and the deletion of your online persona. This new Google feature is a testament to how we are living in a digital age where our possessions now include things within the intangible world of the internet.

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