SEO Weekly April 29 (April Recap)

Google+ for Business New Design

Google announced a new look for the Google+ for business dashboard early in the month. The new interface will have an app-like feel that will be easier to edit and interact with. The new update features will also allow any changes you make to your business listing go live faster.

With the new dashboard there have been problems managing international business. Google will only allow users to manage the business pages of businesses in their own country. Google is working on fixing the issue but recommends using a Google account that has exclusively accessed Google tools via that country's IPs in the meantime.

New iOS App for Google Listings

Google has released a new app for iOS to make it easier to manage your business listings from an iPhone or iPad. The app is supposed to simplify business listing management, but in fact it complicates things even more.

Having yet another way to manage your listing could cause problems with business owners. With so many different ways to access a listing, it wil be easier to make mistakes while editing a business page.

Facebook Home Android App

Facebook announced its newest app for the Android OS that was released on April 12th. The app will be an amendment to the OS so that Facebook is the primary interface for whatever mobile device is being used.

The new app was downloaded more than half a million times in the few weeks since its release. Though many users love the it, there is an issue with the app draining the battery life of mobile devices. Some user reviews also complained about the difficulty accessing non-Facebook applications on their phones.

Bing Introduces Pin to Pinterest

Bing has released a new feature within its image search results called Pin to Pinterest. The images will all have the notable Pinterest con so users who are logged in to their account can immediately pin it to their wall.

As Bing continues to compete with Google it is important for them to be creative and innovative. With this new image search Pinterest feature they are giving users a reason to choose Bing over Google.

Google Offers Users a Death Clause

Google Users can now specify what should be done with their Google assets in the event of their death. If you have any assets with Google you can determine what will be done with your account after you’ve become inactive for a certain period of time.

The options include notifications to contacts and the deletion of your online persona. This new Google feature is a testament to how we are living in a digital age where our possessions now include things within the intangible world of the internet.

Add Your Content Gradually

Matt Cutts recently released a video stating that websites should be cautious when introducing a large number of pages to avoid looking suspicious. He said that the best way to add content is gradually over time instead of all at once.

Gradually adding content to your website will help to avoid looking "spammy" to search engines and causing them to investigate your website more closely.

Mobile Search Sub Site Links for Google Users

Now mobile searchers will be able to navigate to popular pages of a website with the sub-site links offered from Google. Desktop searches have had this feature for some time, but now the mobile version of Google offers these links as well.

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