SEO Weekly April 5, 2013

Traffic Fluctuations Easter Weekend

A lot of Webmasters commented last weekend on heavy traffic fluctuations with their top keyword targets. Some saw a loss of traffic and others saw a large bump in traffic, but those numbers have seemingly gone back to normal.

Some people think the reason for the fluctuation was a Google update and others believe it was just normal transgressions due to the holiday. Since the search results seem to have gone back to what they were prior to the shift it is more likely that there was no update.

Google+ for Business New Design

Google announced a new look for the Google+ for business dashboard this week. The new interface will have an app-like feel that will be easier to edit and interact with. The new update features will also allow any changes you make to your business listing go live faster.

The new business pages are being introduced to Google+ for business in a rolling fashion so that not all companies will be updated at the same time. Google is most likely making changes gradually to work out any issues that may arise from these changes.

Squidoo Nofollow Links

Squidoo has been exploited by SEOs and web spammers over the years and was hit hard by Panda last year. The online blog post mecca announced this week that all external links from the site will now be given the nofollow tag.

While this may prevent spammers from reducing the validity of the site, taking away all external links is unlikely to be a good thing for Squidoo in the long run. Perhaps they are taking a momentary breather from spammers to try an re-build their authority with different search engines.

Facebook Home Android App

Facebook announced its newest app for the Android OS to be released on April 12th. The app will be an amendment to the OS so that Facebook is the primary interface for whatever mobile device is being used.

The new app will connect the user directly to a Facebook feed when the mobile device is turned on and will keep Facebook updates to the forefront of all activities. For the war between Facebook and Google+ this is a clear leg up for mobile users.

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