SEO Weekly March 8, 2013

SAPE Links Banned

Google has targeted the link giant SAPE as its newest example of what not to do. The Russian link building website has been labeled as black hat SEO and many sites with links from the site have been penalized.

This new regulation from Google comes soon after the penalty for advertorials and SEOs are noticing that the search engine is becoming more sophisticated with recognizing poor Internet practices.

Google Images Update

Google image searches have been updated once again with more complaints from webmasters. Now when you click on an image not only to you get to see a full-size version of it, but Google also offers a “try these also” selection from other websites.

Websites who rely on image traffic are seeing reduced traffic because users can browse through multiple choices of websites within the result page.

Facebook News Feed

Facebook has introduced a new look for its news feed to give users more access to the daily updates of their friends and family. The new look integrates more options for viewing your friends’ profiles on a daily basis.

Google+ Profile Update

The Google+ page now has larger images and local reviews to further enhance the user experience for the community. The update makes it easier to post and read reviews for local businesses, further connecting local search with Google Plus.

How Search Works

Google released a new guide to explain how the search engine process works and it is not only a great resource for searchers but also for SEOs.

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