SEO Weekly March 22, 2013

Digg Accidentally Penalized – Fixed Immediately

The news outlet Digg was accidentally removed from the index this week when Google applied a penalty to the whole site that was only meant for one post. Google recognized their mistake almost immediately and fixed the bug. The same happened with Craigslist and again, Google fixed it right away.

Because the mistake was fixed so quickly it leaves Webmasters wondering if the same would be true for a smaller site. Google has always insisted that small websites receive the same consideration as large websites but some people wonder if the mistake would have been fixed so quickly for a smaller site.

Porn Found in Knowledge Graph on Google

Every time Google creates a new search function it goes through a period where people try to exploit it. The knowledge graph was recently discovered as having pornography show up in search results.  Google became aware of the situation and quickly added new security function to help exclude those images from being displayed.

Bing Allows Webmasters to Move Site More Easily Than Google

Bing added new functionality in their Webmaster Tools to make it easier for website owners to move to a new domain. While Google has the same function in Webmaster Tools, the Bing functionality is said to be more user-friendly and efficient.

The site move in Bing Webmaster Tools allows the user to change over every URL individually to lessen any confusion. Google Webmaster Tools does not have the same level of support, offering only a full domain transfer rather than individual pages.

Google Trends Now Supports YouTube Videos

Google Trends now includes YouTube videos to report on “what’s hot.” Including YouTube means that the video searches in the online video giant will now contribute to what’s trending in Google.

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