SEO Weekly May 17 2013

Matt Cutts SEO Forecast

This week Matt Cutts released a video outlining the plans for changes to the Google algorithm that may affect SEO in the next few months. Some of the major points of the video are:

  • Penguin 2.0 will be released soon that has better analytical capabilities for websites to more easily detect websam.
  • Paid links for advertorials and other advertising opportunities wil be okay to use so long as they are clearly designated as being paid for and do not pass pagerank.
  • A more sophisticated linkn analysis function is in the making that will mke it easier for Google to identify and eliminate link spammers.
  • Hacked sites will have more opportunity to bounce back from an attack with more extensive help for webmasters and better overall communication from Google.
  • Google Panda will be tweaked to allow sites that may have been hit hard in 2012 to bounce back some from any penalties they have received.
  • Google is developing new ways to eliminate host crowding in SERPs so that only one result per domain will appear in the results for a search query.

More Link Networks Targeted by Google

This week many webmasters saw a significant drop in traffic on Wednesday May 15th from blog/link networks. Google has been systematically targeting these link networks over the past couple of months and there will be more to come.

Google is cracking down on “unnatural” links across the Internet to eliminate the effectiveness of many link building campaigns. What constitutes a “natural” link is becoming more strictly defined as the Google algorithm becomes more sophisticated.

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