SEO Weekly May 3 2013

Rich Snippet Hacking

Some webmasters have noticed that the rich snippets on their sites have been hacked or placed by an unauthorized party. The rich snippets go a long way in identifying the pages for search engines.

The people who have noticed the hacks say that third parties are placing links to their websites within the rich snippet code of your website. The third parties that have been noticed are mostly porn sites.

Bing Malware Re-evaluation Tool

Bing has added a new tool for webmasters to do a re-evaluation of malware. The Bing tool has been expanded to give webmasters more information about the malware detected on their site and an opportunity to request a re-evaluation.

New Google App for iOS

Google has released its Google Now app for iOS users so it is available on iPhone and iPad. With the new app addition, Google is trying to appeal to more mobile devices users - not just Androids. Google Now is a search app that allows users to connect directly to a search window when they open it.

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