SEO Weekly February 8, 2013

Google Webmaster Tools Updated:

The reported links in Google Webmaster Tools no longer includes links to your home page. It might look like you suddenly lost a lot of links, but DON’T PANIC - that is not the case.

Since most website links can be attributed to the home page you will likely see a significant difference but Google assures users that it is merely a reporting change and has no effect on ranking.

Google Webmaster Tools will keep you updated on the index status of your website but you can no longer see the URLs that were “not selected” to be indexed. Google says that the “not selected” metric was confusing for many users and it was removed as an option.

New Google Image Search - Legal Issues?

Google has enhanced its image search algorithm to improve user experience by providing full versions of images within the search engine result page. Now users can see an image in its entirety without having to visit the website.

With the new image search features webmasters are concerned that there may be copyright issues because credit is not being given to these images in the SERPs. The SEO community is working on possible adjustments to images to avoid any issues with copyright infringement.

Webmasters are also concerned with the new image results because the click through rate (CTR) is decreasing from image search queries. Since users no longer need to visit the website to see a full version of the image there is no traffic generation from an image query.

Some SEOs believe that it is only a matter of time until Google image search reverts back to thumbnail views to avoid lawsuits.

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