Social Media Marketing is Like Dating (Seriously)

social media marketing is like datingFirst, A Little Backstory

I was explaining to a client today how to grow her Twitter audience when this little nugget slipped out of my mouth. I didn't realize how great of a leading phrase for social interaction this was until I found myself coming back to it throughout the day. This is true about literally every aspect of social media marketing.

No One Will Date You if You Only Talk About Yourself

Think about your favorite pages on social platforms. Do they constantly post their latest deals? Are they talking about products no matter how dated they are? Odds are that they're sharing content that comes from other pages (gasp), talking about relevant news or just sharing something that makes you giggle.

80% of clients that come to us with social engagement issues often break this rule and are surprised how much things change when we open the content width of their Facebook posts.

"Getting on the Market"

We've all been there before when you're ready to show your brand to the world and start reaping some revenue. Hold your horses.

Have you thought about what benefits your customers get by following, liking or clicking through to your ad? If not, you might as well be pitching a poor pickup line in a bar full of happily married couples. Good or bad, you always date for a reason. Give people a reason to date your social media assets. I'm not talking about the features of your service- I'm talking about how your customers life improves by engaging with you. Food for thought...


The First Fight

Responding to reviews and comments can be the most difficult part of social media management. Silence in this area shows you don't care about the relationship and a defensive response will ward potential followers/customers off like bad breath. Make it clear that the relationship is valuable to you. Make it obvious that you are willing to improve your relationships.2016-08-12_08-03-50

Becoming an Item

We all know it is 7-8 times more difficult to get a new customer than to keep an existing customer (I wonder if the same follows for dating...). With this in mind, once your clients make it "Facebook official" be sure to thank them. While you certainly aren't taking them to Tiffany's make sure you are at least giving them something they value as a sign of your appreciation.

What Now?

Now that you know the methodology of creating a great experience on your social media profiles, find out what kind of dater you are and leverage that! Find your "wow" factor and what makes your business attractive and find out how to turn that into something that creates value for you and your followers. Let us know how you've used these ideas to improve your social media efforts in the comments below!

Reggie Sudduth II - 51Blocks Marketing Fanatic

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