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Marketing should make sense in the form of dollars and cents. 

Marketing by Math is our proprietary solution to help clients (or white label clients) understand where their marketing online dollars are going. By helping you understand your cost per sale, cost per lead, how much traffic it takes to get that lead and how many leads it takes to close a sale we can help identify which marketing channels are working and which ones are not. It is through this lens that we approach our marketing efforts for our clients. Your dollars spent are as important to you as they are to us and this approach helps all of us stay focused on the goal – growing your business.

Here is an example of Marketing by Math for SEO:

  • SEO Budget = $1000 per Month ($12,000 for the year)
  • Current Traffic = 1000 visitors
  • 1 Year Later – 1400 visitors
  • 400 additional clicks per month
  • 2% conversion rate = 8 new leads per month
  • 25% close rate
  • 8 Leads = 2 new sales
  • $750 Per Sale = 50% ROI
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Let’s say you are a service business, and you say …this Math doesn’t work for me since my price point is much lower.  Oh wait, there’s more…
Lifetime Value of a Customer – The number of times this person visits your business throughout their lifetime. So for a mechanic, it might be only $300 the first visit, but the second time it is how much? Another $500? So that is $800 now…and so on.

How Do You Report This TRUE Value?

Other agencies feed you vanity metrics—things like Facebook page likes and traffic increases that may or may not lead to more business. At 51blocks, we get into your business metrics and help you understand your digital marketing metrics which include:

  • Cost
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Cost to Acquire a Customer
  • Lifetime Value of a Customer
  • Return on Investment
  • Return on Adspend

We also show you which digital marketing channel – SEO, PPC, GMB, Social – is bringing you the best return to your business. Every recommendation we make is centered around making you more money and helping you meet your business goals.

We do this with our proprietary system called aDash, which tracks your marketing from ad expense to sales revenue. Would you like a demo?

Here is an example of Marketing by Math for PPC:

For PPC we use a strategy called SKAGS. SKAGS stands for “Single Keyword AdWords Groups,” and it means exactly that. Creating ad groups with only 1 keyword in it.

  • SKAGS = Highly Focused Ad Groups
  • Highly Focused Ad Groups + Search Term = Higher CTR
  • Higher CTR + Highly Focused Ad Groups & Ads = Higher Quality Score
  • Higher Quality Score = Lower CPC
  • Lower CPC = More Clicks for the Same Budget
  • More Clicks = More Conversions
  • More Conversions for the Same Budget = Lower Cost Per Conversion
  • Lower Cost Per Conversion = More Conversions for the Same Budget
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Why don't more people use SKAGS?

Because it is a ton more work to set up than a standard AdWords campaign. This is the #1 reason more people do not focus on SKAGS as an AdWords strategy.

Have you seen this work?

We have optimized roughly 100+ accounts with this strategy with a success rate of roughly 98%. This works!

  • $10 CPC
  • 2% Conversion
  • 25% Lead to Sale
  • The sale is worth $4000
  • 50 clicks @ $10 CPC = 1 Lead ($500)
  • 4 Leads = 1 Sales
  • 4 * $500 = $2000
  • Sale is worth $4000 = 100% ROI

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