Tactics & Strategies That Actually Hurt Your SEO

If you are trying to have a serious online presence, chances are that you have heard of search engine optimization. Also known as SEO, this practice helps to bring in the traffic. It also helps Google to rank your website and its influence. If you are new to SEO, however, this practice may seem extremely confusing. You can always hire a white label partner like 51 Blocks to help! However, we understand the desire to do the job yourself and do it well. We havee compiled a list of outdated tactics and strategies that can hurt your SEO.


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Building Links Only To Your Home Page

Most website owners view their Home page as their start. Because of this, they mistakenly try to link everything to their Home page. This practice is outdated. Your Home page does not need to be the single focal point. It creates a mess of keywords and hurt your ranking. This is due to the fact that most of the Home page content will not actually be relevant to those keywords. Instead, you should build links to well-developed pages that feature relevant content. Why? If your webpage captures your visitor’s attention, they will logically and organically explore your website.

Generating Large Amounts of Low-Quality Content

You might have a lot to say. However, before you publish your content, take the time to plan it out. You may have heard the phrase “quality over quantity.” This applies to your content as well as many other things in life. Search engines, like Google, are constantly evolving. As they do, their analytics become smarter. Today, Google can easily identify when a site is using irrelevant content and keywords just to bring in traffic. Known as “content farms”, these websites will rank rather low. Because of this, it is better to have less, but better thought out content on your website to attract quality visitors.

Irrelevant or Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are an important part of SEO practices. That is undeniable. However, using irrelevant keywords or stuffing your content full of keywords can actually hurt your SEO ranking. This is because Google recognizes attempts to manipulate rankings based on these practices. In fact, referred to as “black hat tricks”, keyword stuffing is a great way to get on Google’s bad side quickly. (Have you ever noticed keywords that seem out of context or extremely repetitive? That is an example of keyword stuffing.)

Disregarding Internal Links or Errors

If your visitors are not happy, your SEO ranking will suffer. Visitors like an easy-to-use website. This means, if the internal links on your website are slow or full of errors, you are likely to see a drop in your SEO rank. Whether you have developed a new website or have recently undergone a redesign, it is important to check your site’s internal links regularly.

Disregarding Mobile-Platform Solutions

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is ignoring mobile-friendly development. In today’s world, smartphones are the go-to-device for website visitors. After all, you will not always have your desktop, laptop or tablet on hand. However, how many people are more than a few feet from their smartphone at any given time? Because of this, your website should be designed with the mobile user in mind. (In fact, some experts will tell you that you should develop your website for mobile platforms before you worry about fully developing it for a computer-based visitor.)

Building Your Website before Worrying About SEO

An inexperienced web developer may want to build a website first, and then incorporate SEO. Steer clear of this practice! For SEO to occur naturally within your content, you need to incorporate it as your develop the page. As with keyword stuffing, irrelevant titles, meta descriptions and content hurt your SEO rankings. The best way to avoid this is by developing the website to incorporate SEO from the start.

Get as Many Links as Possible

Backlinks are those that occur when an outside website links back to one of your webpages. Some feel that gathering up large quantities of backlinks are vital to SEO ranking. This is actually untrue. As with your content development, you should focus on quality backlinks over the quantity. In fact, Google judges your backlinks based on authority, diversity and quantity, in that order. This means having fewer high-quality backlinks from industry authorities gives you a higher ranking that mass amounts of low-quality ones.

Hire a White Label Partner

If the tactics and strategies surrounding SEO use are confusing, rest assured there is help. The professionals at 51 Blocks thrive on SEO. Our experts enjoy seeing their SEO practices helping our clients excel. As white label partners, this can work in your favor. Not only do we take pleasure in helping you succeed, but also you get to take full credit for it! If you would like to learn more about how 51 Blocks can help your website excel, contact us today.

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