The Birth of 51 Blocks

To support a dream of refereeing in the NBA Michael Borgelt started a small internet marketing company. With one client and using his garage as an office, 51 Blocks was born. After moving to San Diego and realizing that the referee world was not for him, he redirected his efforts and focused 100% of his time on building his company.

In 2011, 51 Blocks hired its first employee. Keeping close to company roots, the two of them worked out of Michael's garage. At the beginning of 2012 Michael relocated to Denver, Colorado where he moved the company to yet another garage. Shortly after the company brought on two more employees, doubling the business in size. By the fall 51 Blocks continued to thrive acquiring over 200 clients and bringing on three additional employees.

With 7 employees working out of a 400 sq foot garage, the company grew to be a tight knit group very quickly. While there was hardly any room to walk around, the close spaces formed an unbreakable company bond which has been a vital element for their success. The mascot for this internet marketing business is an enormous labradoodle named Phoebe. While she isn't always the best mannered dog, her personality rivals Air Bud, Beethoven or any of the other famous dogs who managed to become famous!

In late 2012, 51 Blocks made their first move to official office space in downtown Denver. For the first time Michael and his team found themselves in separate rooms. While they initially all suffered from something similar to a mild case of postpartum depression from being spread across a nice, new office, they learned to enjoy the space and privacy.

If you want to pay 51 Blocks a visit you can find them in the Art District of downtown Denver, just off Santa Fe and 8th.

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