The ‘Google Places’ and ‘Google+’ Blend – Google+ Local

The big launch happened on May 30, 2012. Google brings yet another feature called ‘Google+ Local’. A fusion of Google Places and Google+, it is designed to help you find and locate things that you enjoy in your local area.

Integrated with Zagat ratings, Google+ Local is a lot more than Google Places. If you want to take your wife out to a fancy restaurant for her birthday, just check Google+ Local. With the help of Zagat’s 30-point scale, you will be able to find one of those ultra-chic and highly recommended places around where you live.


What is the ‘Google+ Local’ experience?

Thanks to Google’s new offering, you can find the best restaurants and other happening places close to you. The Google+ Local section features on the left side of Google+. You can browse places, and when you find a place that captivates your fancy, simply click it and you will instantly be directed to a Google+ page that features the Zagat scores, reviews from your friends, photos, and general information about the place. If your friends have not recommended anything, then do not worry. You have other Google users to help you out in your quest for the best place. Even Google Maps can help you out if you are looking for a place because it is integrated with Google+ Local. And you can trust Zagat to provide you with the latest, high-quality information based on its ratings.

Your friend’s birthday is coming up in a week and you have no time to shop or hunt for the best gift. You don’t have to worry anymore because you now have a simple solution at your fingertips. Just flip that phone open or touch the screen, navigate to your phone’s browser, click on, go on to Google+ and there you have it! Google+ Local – your one-stop telephone directory. In fact, it’s better than a telephone directory. You get results, reviews, unbiased opinions, and you can also network with your friends, other users, and come out happy with the best results in your hand. Also, there is no third party content to kill your joy. Google+ Local completely relies on the reviews provided by Zagat, which Google purchased last year.


Google+ Local – a brand that’s expected to grow

Extending social experience and propagating brands across different Google services such as Search, Maps, and mobile, Google+ Local offers local-oriented business information so that you can make the best decision in the fastest possible time.

Go on. Try Google+ Local if you haven’t already.

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