The Importance of Keyword Research

Keywords play an integral if you want to make your presence known on the internet.


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The Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become increasingly important in today’s society. In fact, according to the Digital in 2017 Global Overview, over half of the entire world’s population has access to the use of the internet. In addition to this, roughly two-thirds of the global population also has access to a mobile or smartphone. Considering that over half of all web traffic comes from mobile phones, this is significant! In fact, of every five people who purchased an item, more than one did so online.

When all is said and done, this means the internet has become an integral part of billions of people’s lives on a daily basis. This means that digital marketing is not just a smart strategy for some, but it is a vital component of every business.

What is a Keyword Anyway?

Let us start with a few basics. After all, understanding what a keyword is and what it does for your business is an important step.

When you open your browser to search for something, you likely input a specific word or phrase into the search bar. This word or phrase then helps Google to identify sites that align with your search. What you put into the search bar are your keywords.

To add to the matrix of websites, however, Google also applies what is known as “keyword ranking”. This means the search engine automatically supplies the potential websites ranked in order of what Google feels will best answer your query. Effective use of your keywords, based on careful research, helps to increase your keyword ranking, and thus, your overall Google ranking.

Why Keyword Research Matters

The phrase “search engine optimization”, or SEO, has become more important as digital marketing has increased. However, it is not the only technique used in a fully developed digital marking strategy. (In fact, SEO is actually ranked lower than several other pieces of the digital marketing puzzle.)

Because SEO is consistently mentioned in digital circles, you may believe that it is synonymous with keywords, keyword research, and keyword ranking. This is an incorrect assumption. While keywords do play a role in SEO, they go beyond that and affect each piece of your digital marketing strategy.

Basic Keyword Research Considerations for a Strong Digital Marketing Presence

Understanding how to find keywords is important. Here are the basic steps.

Create a List of Initial Keywords

One of the first steps to your keyword research is creating an initial list of words you believe to be more relevant to the product or service your website provides. To create this list, it is often helpful to think about potential customers will search for you. This typically includes the how, what, where, when and why of your webpage. As a professional digital marketing company, we often receive these types of lists from clients. However, this list will need to be researched and refined to maximize its effectiveness.

Research Each Keyword

As previously stated, researching your keywords is extremely important. A keyword research or suggestion tool can help you determine which keywords are best. At 51Blocks, our digital marketing experts perform this service for you. We keep your overall goals in mind as we thoroughly research each keyword or keyword phrase that may be applicable to your website. If you provide several different products or services, we seek out keywords related to each to ensure you have keywords that will specifically target each.

Refine Your List of Keywords

Because there are different types of keywords, you need to pay attention to which words you select for your final list. Broad keywords, for example, can expose you to larger competitors. However, they do bring in more digital traffic. Local keywords can help point searchers in your area to your location. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, can help bring in traffic that is looking specifically for a good or service you provide. While they generate fewer visits, they will ensure that your site is listed when someone searches for a good or service you provide. Developing a list that contains an appropriate amount of the various types of keywords, as well as the ones research says will be most effective, will maximize your digital potential.

Helping You Excel Digitally Every Day

At 51Blocks, we understand how confusing digital marketing can be. We also know that keyword research is not a one-and-done thing. To keep your business relevant, ongoing research is important. We use several tools to help us craft a list of the best keywords for you. Tools like Moz Keyword Explorer, Lsigraph and Google’s Keyword Planner help our experts to continually hone your list of the most effective keywords.

When it comes to SEO, keywords, and other digital marketing strategy components – 51Blocks can help. We are truly passionate about improving your digital presence and helping you to get the results you want. We also understand that digital marketing can be a complex strategy that never everyone fully understands. Because we have hunted down a team of individuals who specialize in every service we provide, 51Blocks can proudly provide expert digital marketing support to those who may be in need of some help.

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