The Untapped Power of A Video Testimonial in Online Marketing

In the modern business world, reputation is everything. If a company acquires a reputation for not responding or having a delayed response to customer inquiries or issues, they will likely lose potential clients.

Those companies who gain a reputation for having quality products and/or exceptional customer service are much more likely to increase the traffic to their site as well as their conversion rates.

Managing your company’s reputation is critical because it shows potential customers that you care about them and are not simply looking to make a sale.

What Is Reputation Management?

Essentially, reputation management involves two distinct aspects: getting reviews and testimonials from your clients and responding to those reviews (positive or negative) in a timely manner.

When a customer has made a purchase or has hired you for your services, it is important that you ask that client if they would be willing to write a review or testimonial for you. These reviews can be published through a variety of different outlets including Google, social media accounts, Yelp, and many more.

You will also want to follow up with these clients through an automated email system to remind them that you would still appreciate their efforts to write you a review and to give them a link through which to publish their review.

The other side of the reputation management coin is to respond to the reviews that you acquire, even if they are negative (everyone gets one eventually, don’t worry). For positive reviews, thank the customer for taking the time to leave the review and welcome them back for further business. Those are the easy ones to respond to.

If you happen to receive a negative review from an unhappy customer, you most definitely need to respond. Take the opportunity to thank them for their time spent writing the review and offer a solution to their problem. Perhaps, you may be able to replace the item they purchased or ask for a second chance to provide them the best possible customer service.

Responding to the reviews demonstrates that you care about your clients and their overall satisfaction with your business.

Why Are Testimonials Important for My Business?

Customer testimonials are integral for your business because they come from people who have purchased your products (and then used them) or utilized your services and can speak to your company’s excellence and their satisfaction with the products or services.

Potential clients in today’s modern economy trust the testimonials of former customers, even if they have never met that person.

In the past, most people got personal recommendations for businesses that offer the products or services they needed from their friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances. People now trust strangers online to give their honest opinions about a business, its products or services, and their customer service.

When you have a plethora of former clients giving positive testimonials about your business, potential clients are very likely to contact you and expect that same great service.

Testimonials are also important for your search engine rankings. Google and other search engines have incorporated the number and frequency of reviews into their algorithms for ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The number of positive reviews as well as the frequency with which they are posted is going to have an impact on your overall ranking and visibility.

Video vs. Written Testimonials

Now that you understand the value of reputation management as well as getting testimonials from your former customers, there is one more aspect to consider: video versus written testimonials.

When potential clients are doing their research about your service or product, they want to know that other people have made the investment in your company and have been satisfied. That’s the point of posting testimonials. But what medium should the testimonials be published in - written or video?

The answer is a resounding VIDEO!

There is a clear reason why YouTube is as popular as it is. People enjoy watching videos far more than they enjoy reading reviews. In addition to this preference, people tend to trust videos more than written testimonials. They will identify with the person in the testimonial and will tend to trust the video over a written testimonial. It’s much easier to fake a written testimonial than it is a video one.

People also tend to remember the content of videos more than that of a written review, and they will see a video testimonial as your investment in your company to convince clients you are trustworthy and reliable.

If you are willing to take the time to set up a video testimonial and your former customers are willing to do it, that is much more compelling evidence of your business’ success and dedication to customer satisfaction than just a simple written review.

When in doubt, the video will seal the deal!

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