Domain Filter Tool

Domain analytics are a large part of SEO.

Collecting competitor domains for backlink analysis, finding citations and analyzing SERPs are daily tasks for most SEOs.

Over the years of getting clients visibility in search we realized that no tool that eliminated duplicate domains from a list of URLs existed.

Manipulating URLs in this way allows for quicker competitive analysis, faster citation building and quicker SERP analysis.

The 51Blocks Domain Filter takes and list of URLs, removes the duplicates and gives you a list of unique domains.

Need to build citations based on competitors? Search a competitor's NAP then use the OS Scraper to grab all the URLs. Put the results in the .txt file into the domain filter and you will have a unique list of ALL of your competitors indexed citations.

That's just one of the many uses of the domain filter. With the 51Blocks Domain Filter you can use this tool to whittle down any list of URLs into a unique list of domains!