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Relevant, Unique Content is the Name of the Game

Search engines work on very specific principles like SEO and relevance. Search engines have programs, called “crawlers” or “spiders”, that analyze and index website info. If there’s no new info, there’s nothing to index and that will drop your URL lower on the search engine results list.

Many Internet users visit hundreds of pages each week or month. If the site content isn’t new, interesting, up-to-date, relevant, well, why go back? Yes, loyalty is a factor, but boredom is a bigger factor.

The 51Blocks analyzer takes your XML sitemap and tells you how often you’re publishing fresh content. Just input the URL — your site map’s xml file (it’ll look something like ““) and click the scan now button. It’s just that simple. The tool will show you how often you’ve updated each page on your website.


How Often Should I Update?

That depends on your website goal. If you’re a news site, you should be updating hourly. If you sell products or services, you update every time you add new products or services. If your inventory doesn’t change often, you can write a weekly blog:

Post consistently — if you post new content weekly, post at 8:00 am every Monday or 1:00 pm every Wednesday. People are creatures of habit and you want to be one of their habits!


I’m a doctor, not Ernest Hemingway

51Blocks can ghostwrite blogs and service pages for you. Engaging content is easy when you have the stable of talented writers we have. They know SEO — the right keywords, used correctly but not too often, in organic ways that sound like the way people really talk. They know how to make you look like an authority on your subject. They know prose — snappy content you’ll have fun reading. They know how to build a loyal audience of readers who’ll keep coming back as often as you want to post new content on your site. And you’ll watch the XML sitemap grow steadier as your bottom line grows heavier.