Transparency in Digital Marketing Campaigns

In the January 8, 2016 Friday Afternoon Confessional, Michael and John take on transparency and what it means to the 51Blocks' agency when they claim it's a foundational component of successful search engine marketing campaigns. Give it a view and we promise you'll never work again with an agency that isn't 100% transparent in their campaign execution!

Transparency is a concept we take seriously at 51Blocks. You could even say "campaign and task transparency" are the fundamental ingredients used by our agency to establish a trusting relationship with our clients.

Fluff in Marketing is No Good
Some Fluff is Good Fluff, But Not Marketing Cliche Fluff!!!

Transparency? Isn't That Just Marketing Agency Fluff?

Over the years we've been doing this, we've found that the best client/agency relationships all start with open and responsive communication between all interested parties. This variable is so important to our team that we've gone out of our way to build client access pathways into our search engine marketing services that are simple to use and available any time so our clients have 24/7 access to their campaign's activity.

How Transparency in Digital Marketing Campaigns Works at 51Blocks

Let Michael and John talk about what this means to them, to the clients we work with and to the value received when you partner with 51Blocks as your digital marketing solution.

*The full transcript from this episode is available below.

Working With a Digital Marketing Agency You Trust!

The fact is, when you engage with 51Blocks to improve your online presence, we're humbled by the trust you're placing in us and work tirelessly to prove you're trust was well placed. Allowing our clients to see how that's going at any time is simply the right thing to do and the only way we want to work with clients. Agencies that are anything less than 100% transparent with what they're doing and the results they're achieving may still be doing good work, but how will you really know? Only an agency that offers 24/7 access to your entire campaign's progress offers the security of always being informed where your digital marketing dollars are going and what they're providing in return.

Contact 51Blocks Today and We'll Show You the Difference

If this sounds like the type of relationship you're seeking from your digital marketing partner, give us a call or email us about your specific situation and let us show you the extent we go to provide you the best online marketing package money can buy!



Michael: Hi, I'm Michael Borgelt.

John: I'm John Copeland, today. And every day, just to be clear.

Michael: Today, John's brought a question that is...

John: Well, I want to talk about transparency and what transparency means in this agency for our clients, for us, and why we think that's a benefit. So this is the Friday Afternoon Confessional. You're going to find us talking about something in current search engine marketing that is of use to, not just us but to our clients. We're trying to provide educational tools here that help you be savvy about search engine marketing services and make sure you don't get ripped off. So transparency. You take it first.

Michael: Yeah, so for us I think transparency first starts with our project management system where we use a project management system called Trello which honestly has changed our company. I'd recommend any company use it. It's much, much better in my personal opinion than Basecamp. It allows product flow, task flow, task...

John: How much are you getting paid by Trello to say these things?

Michael: Yeah, zero. And Trello doesn't cost anything. That's probably another reason why we like it.

John: Trello is a fantastic tool.

Michael: It's a great tool and with Trello what we do is, we screenshot our tasks in the beginning of the month and the end of the month. As a client, you're able to check in on those tasks and decide if that's the direction you want us to go.

John: Wait, client's actually have access to Trello? They can see the system in real time?

Michael: They can. They can create a username and password and have access to the system.

John: Wow.

Michael: Yeah.

John: I wasn't even aware of that.

Michael: But we usually, because most people don't use that, we usually provide just screenshots of Trello to them at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month and then forecasting their three month plan. I think for our industry transparency is huge because a lot of times some people feel like they're just sending checks in and they're not getting any results or people aren't doing any work. At least, this way it's one, another item to hold us accountable along with access to Google Analytics and their ranking system that our clients have access to also. So those three elements, I feel like, show part of the transparency for our clients that we're always constantly reporting on and always delivering those things for clients to see our progress.

John: Well, believe it or not, to me where this is most key is that when we say we report on something month after month after month it's actually in the report month after month after month. In a couple other agencies I’ve worked in, at the end of the month whatever looked good is what we reported on and whatever didn't look as good was kind of what we avoided. We hold ourselves to certain standards here and if we set a task in motion with a goal and an expectation, believe it or not, when we get to the end of the task, the thing we're going to judge us by is that goal and expectation we set initially, not by "oh but this happened." You just hear a lot of that massaging of outcomes and that's not something we try to do.

Michael: I think that's something that we do is if we have a negative result, we show it, and we show people "Hey, this didn't work" or "Google changed the algorithm and it caused this effect" and being open and honest I think helps builds that client trust and client relationship in the SEO industry for our clients. And that's why on average our clients, you know, the industry average is something like four to six months clients' stay on. Right now, I actually just did an analysis, we're over 18 months of client retention and that obviously doesn't count the people that haven't canceled that I've been on for clients that I've had for six years or five years that would obviously move that number a lot further.

John: Wait, so, in just clients who no longer work with us?

Michael: Yes.

John: Our average campaign length was 18 months?

Michael: Eighteen months.

John: That's truly remarkable.

Michael: So four or five times...

John: Wait, seriously?

Michael: Yeah. Four to five times...

John: You're going to have to check your math there, buddy.

Michael: Four or five times the industry average is what we're looking at, and I think that it does come back to our honest approach and our transparency of our work.

John: Yeah, and I think it's embodied in every single employee. It's one of the things that I think helps us retain the talent we've got because they know we're going to stand behind our expectations, systems and processes 100%, because they work.

Michael: Yes, I agree.

John: Transparency, the last thing that I'll say it means is when you communicate with us we're open, direct, and honest in every capacity. If you ask us a question, we'll tell you the truth. We'll tell you exactly what we think. We do not couch what we think. We tell you what's exactly going on with your campaign at all times. And I think that's one of the things clients like most about working with us.

Michael: I agree.

John: All right, well, tune in next week when we'll tackle some other subject of vital interest to search engine marketing and thanks for watching. Take care.

Michael: See ya.

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